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Concept: LED linear system with rectangular profile.

Materials: Profile in transparent polycarbonate.

Optic: Complete...


A discreet linear floodlight range offering extensive static/dynamic illumination choice and flexibility

Compact body with integral power supply for monochromatic and RGBW versions
Exceptional flexibility with a choice of LED colours, light distributions, lengths and installation possibilities


Scrittura introduces a new paradigm in the use of colour and of light colour temperature.

After Metamorfosi and My White Light, the use of LED sources launches the third generation of this product family.


Light fixture with 5mm LED light sources. Wall and ceiling installation by means of...

Light fixture with high-performance LED light sources.
Floor, wall, ceiling installation by means of fixing clips.
Monochromatic or RGB light.
Body in UV resistant...

Light fixture with high-performance LED light sources.
Wall/ceiling installation. Composed...


No. of
lamps 6
Voltage 220/230 V - 50/60 Hz
power ...


Pendant profile, standard available in
anodised finish...

Ultra slim profile for surface mounting,

The Headliner is a no-nonsense
made-to-measure or ready-made profile
solution, with superior efficiency and light
output results thanks...

Built-in profile, standard available in


iColor Cove QLX is a compact linear LED fixture that generates saturated color and dynamic effects in alcoves, accent areas, and other interior spaces....

With narrow beams of high-quality color-changing light, ColorFuse Powercore is an excellent choice for a full range of surface grazing, wall-washing, and accent lighting applications. Its ultra-compact...


High light output due to the latest generation of SMD LEDs.
Available in...

High light output due to the latest generation SMD LEDs.

Available in 5 and 10 meter lengths.


The CLS Power Strip GII is the perfect solution for shelf lighting, furniture, displays, high power cove lighting and numerous other applications.

LED strip module (dimmable)...

The perfect safety solution for the marking of stairs in cinemas, theatres, restaurants and many other applications.

Red, amber...


AirCoral® on request

Modular recessed system in a continuous line
Can be installed on plasterboard ceilings and wall
Body in Coral®

AirCoral® on request

Modular recessed system in a continuous line
Can be installed on plasterboard ceilings
Indirect light



- LED fully resinated
- Drive-over
- Resistant to immersion (not submersion)
- Ready to install


Nuit can be ordered as a made-to-measure profile system for surface or recessed...

Grazing light is often used by lighting designers to contribute to the esthetic appearance of...


Lamp 1x LEDSTRIP 4.7W
Gear / Transfo LED gear not incl.

Lamp 1x LEDSTRIP 12W
Gear / Transfo LED gear...


Lighting adapted to wine tasting: the switch...

Correlated colour temperature: 4700 k, 12...

Very high quality anodized aluminum...

Strip of 5 sealed...


Indoor recessed LED spotlight, the concealed...


Warm white and pure white for option
With DC12V external power supply
High quality oxidation treatment aluminum...

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