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LED borderlight for stage lighting - LUSTR

Lustr™ is the white light specialist in the Selador™ Series. Think watercolors - warm or cool pure white light slowly evolving into the softest tints and color shadings. In Lustr, the x7 Color System™ is optimized...

LED borderlight for stage lighting - PALETTA

Paletta™ is the economical LED choice for short-throw stage-lighting applications of 25 feet or less. Paletta combines the Selador Series® x7 Color System™ and a finely-tuned array of Luxeon® Rebel LEDs with soft diffused optics to offer an incredible range of richly saturated color and pastels simply not available in other...

LED borderlight for stage lighting - VIVID-R

Vivid-R™ is the colour and intensity powerhouse in the Selador Series. Think oil paints -- a luminaire with the kind of brilliant, bold saturated colour that only LEDs can deliver. Vivid-R combines high power Luxeon Rebel LEDs and high efficiency lenses for a strong cutting beam of light and maximum colour production. And with the low heat output of the Selador Series, you can have your colours...

LED borderlight for stage lighting - STARTUBE 4 HIRES

The Startube 4 HiRes is a fluorescent tube lighting concept especially made for TV, Theatres and other applications where a very smooth dimming has a high priority also in the dimming area of 0-10%. In this dimming area most of fluorescent tube lighting products...

LED borderlight for stage lighting - SS-UV10

The SS-UV10 LED lighting fixture is an outdoor unit coupled to an outdoor enclosure with a water resistant power supply cord and male and female DMX-512 data supply cords. The overall construction of the fixture includes corrosion protected aluminum sheet metal housing and allows for mounting...

borderlight for stage lighting - ZIP STRIP

The Zip Strip is a U.L. listed multi-lamp striplight using a wide range of 12 volt MR-16 tungsten halogen lamps. This luminaire is manufactured of die-cast, extruded and sheet aluminum in four standard lengths. These lengths are related to the number of color washes desired. Narrow spot, medium and wide flood lamps are efficiently incorporated into the Zip Strip without...

borderlight for stage lighting - R-40

The R40 borderlight is a multi-lamp, compartmented striplighting luminaire designed for use as a general wash of light, and is available wired for...

borderlight for stage lighting - SPECTRA STRIP

The SPECTRA STRIP is a low profile 6 LED Linear Wash Luminaire with (12) compartments of 50w RGBA Color Mixing or 3000°K high CRI White Light LED Engines. Each compartment...

borderlight for stage lighting - MICRO STRIP

The Altman Micro Strip is a multi-lamp striplight using a wide range of MR-11 tungsten halogen lamps. This luminaire is manufactured of sheet aluminum in three standard lengths. These lengths are related to the number of color washes desired. The popular MR-11 family of dichroic reflector lamps are available in...

halogen lamp cyclorama light - CS2C1-22B

The Leviton Cyc Strip series is a 1000 watt maximum per section theatrical light designed...

halogen lamp cyclorama light - 1FC1V-22B

The NSI/Leviton Far Cyc series is a 1500 watt maximum per section theatrical light designed to provide...

LED cyclorama light - PR-3100 55° 102W

LED Studio 3100 is the unit which has newly launched right for studios and theaters.Its softlight and pure color are ideal for creating...

LED borderlight for stage lighting - STAGEBAR 2™

With twice the lumen output and 10 times the intensity of the Stagebar 54, the Stagebar 2 is an extremely capable LED pixel bar and wash luminaire. This exceptional performance is obtained by combining the latest LED technology...

LED cyclorama light - CYCFX 8™

All the amazing features and performance of the award winning Robe LEDWash luminaires in a 1000 mm moving linear strip.

An array of individually controlled 15W RGBW LED modules equally spaced along...

halogen lamp cyclorama light - HORUS 625-1250W

Due to great demand, Robert Juliat has restored its famous cyclight to the catalogue.

While retaining the features which contributed to its success,...

LED borderlight for stage lighting - LB-100

Multiples of LB-100 LED Balls are designed to form a video light curtain with 120mm pixel pitch.

The curtain is made up from 0.85m long strings, each containing seven white LED balls. Each 28mm sphere contains two powerful RGB...

LED borderlight for stage lighting - LP-700

The LP-700 comes in chain lengths of 6.75m (including connector).

With a pixel pitch of 120mm, and individual...

LED borderlight for stage lighting - LD-5

These LED domes can be used in any orientation, with a maximum number of 35 domes in a single chain.


halogen lamp cyclorama light - RIBALTINA 4


Produce a uniform diffused light spread in both the vertical and horizontal plane
Ideal for lighting large areas uniformly even at close range.
By placing several units side by side, an excellent colour mix can be obtained.

LED cyclorama light - CYCLOKOLOR

CycloKolor is a powerful lighting tool for any large scale cyclorama applications. Specially designed with its dual
optic design of 15° and 30° it creates an impressive...

LED cyclorama light - PLCYC

A breakthrough in cyclorama lighting the PLCyc LED Luminaire delivers smooth even cyclorama lighting in a compact light weight design. Using just 150 watts of power to illuminate drops up to 5 meters high each unit can replace the equivalent of a traditional 4...

LED borderlight for stage lighting - LINEA COLOR 36 IP65 25°-6°

Outdoor colour changer with 36 x 1,2 W high power leds, based on RGB system and...

LED borderlight for stage lighting - LINEA COLOR 72 IP65 25°-6°

Outdoor Colour changer with 72 x 1,2 W high power leds, integrated...

LED borderlight for stage lighting - LUSTR™

The Selador™ Series high power Lustr is ideal for stage and studio lighting as a key or fill light as well as stage washes. It...

LED borderlight for stage lighting - PALETTA™

The Selador™ Series medium power, low-profile Paletta™ fixture is ideal for stage and studio lighting as side light, down light, fill light or cyc...

borderlight for stage lighting - WALL WASH : LB20, LB39 & LB70

Custom light bars are designed for use with 20-watt PAR20, 39-watt PAR30, or 70-watt PAR30 metal halide lamps. These easy to maintain units are ideal for wall...

borderlight for stage lighting - 716, SUNSET STRIP

Compact profile
Rugged welded steel construction
Ejector style lamp holders with two-pin slide in sockets
Front mounted neon indicators quickly identify lamp failure
Spring loaded flippers for access to...

borderlight for stage lighting - 701

Compact design
Accepts energy efficient PAR16 and PAR20 lamps
Spring-loaded lamp compartment
Accepts glass filters...

LED cyclorama light - ICECOLOR 500 400W

ICECOLOR 1000 is the ultimate model in the range, it has been designed for large spaces giving its overall flux in excess of 20,000 lm, unequalled on the market, and its native 11° optics, this luminaire is ideal for long-range environments.

Fitted with...

cyclorama light - STUDIO CYCSERIES

A winner of NAB's prestigious
Vidy Award, Brightline's Studio CycSeries color-changing fixtures are revitalizing the aesthetic options for cyclorama and other color-mixing applications while cutting studio energy costs and reducing maintenance requirements. Dimmable to 3%
through standard protocols including DMX-512 and DALI, the systems saturate cyclorama walls as wide as 16 feet with...

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