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LED wall light / square - OKIO

Small wall lamp in Led "Up & Down" made of brushed aluminum with an upward and downward light available...

LED wall light / square - VIVA

Wall luminary made of aluminum, this fixture with downward and upward lighting to...

LED wall light - MINI CUBE 2L

Small LED luminary "Up & Down" in brushed aluminum or bronze finish for wall mounting with...

LED wall light / linear - RAMBARDE

LED line (2 4V) for rail, in
PMMA, with its deport...

LED wall light - ELE

Aluminium wall light with glass protection...

LED wall light - RING

Aluminium wall light with glass protection...

LED wall light - ASTORIA : WS-7012, WS-7022, WS-7027

Mouth blown and acid etched 3-layer glass combined with casted and plated hardware and proprietary LED technology designed for powerful lumen output and excellent...

LED wall light - BRISTOL : WS-7115, WS-7120, WS-7128

Handsome traditional styling upgraded with modern LED technology make for a beautiful luminaire, with energy savings and zero-maintenance. Etched blown glass with soft square edges illuminates with unparalleled...

LED wall light - ELEMENTAL : WS-7213, WS-7222, WS-7230

The uniform cylinder transitions from cased etched opal glass to perfectly plated metal seamlessly. Wall mounted vertically . on either side of a mirror or...

LED wall light - LINE : WS-6718, WS-6724, WS-6736

Line takes edge-lit LED technology inside a thin rotary panel to softly provide uniform illumination for flattering facial rendering. The rotating panel can...

LED wall light - SONOMA : WS-6312, WS-6320, WS-6327

An upscale transitional design to complement many bath renovations. Mouth blown etched opal glass shines at the forefront of a stunning natural seashell mosaic artfully...

LED wall light / linear - SCV1 MOUNT

SCV1 - Front Wireway

LED wall light / linear - SCV2 MOUNT

SCV2 - Under Reflector Wireway

fluorescent wall light / linear / RGB - 724

PARĀTA 700 series cove is a low profile luminaire intended for cove mount applications to wash walls and ceiling with vibrant color. PARĀTA...

fluorescent wall light / linear - 6030 WERNER

6030-26 / 26.00" x 5.41" x 3.63"

fluorescent wall light / linear - SIS1 MOUNT

SIS1 - Individual
SIS1L - Left Hand
SIS1I - Intermediate
SIS1R - Right Hand
Small Integral
Small Integral...

fluorescent wall light / linear - UPPSALA

Zeink grey painted steel....

fluorescent wall light / linear - VIVA by Per Sundstedt

Installation on wall - wall brackets...

LED wall light / round - ANTARES by Walter Gadda

Applications: columns, facades
Setting: public buildings, hotels, private houses
Installation: surface...

fluorescent wall light / square - SERIE 16 PARALELO

Wall luminaire with direct and indirect light emission
available for Compact Fluorescent lamps, QT-32 incandescent

fluorescent wall light / linear - SERIE 16 PARALELO

Wall luminaire with direct and indirect light emission
available for T5 lineal fluorescent lamps,...

metal halide wall light / HID / square - SERIE 16 PARALELO

Wall luminaire with direct light emission available for
compart fluorescent, incandescent halogens QT-DE 12 max.

fluorescent wall light / linear - TEKNILUX : TEK-HO 275

Teknilux TEK-HO 275 wall washer CFL
is a recessed architectural compact fluorescent...

LED wall light / round - CORONA by Philip Feenstra

Corona is a unique and innovative lighting concept with LEDs suitable for wall and ceiling mounting. This luminaire emits light by a high power LED array in the centre of a disc-shaped acrylic diffuser. This creates an optical effect...

LED wall light - GIZMO : W2 by Philip Feenstra

Gizmo-W2 is a wall mounted LED luminaire with power LEDs. The compartment containing the LEDs is covered with a semi-transparent diffuser...

fluorescent wall light / round - OLIGHT : W by Philip Feenstra

Olight wallmounted luminaire is a direct/indirect ring shaped luminaire suitable for circular T5 fluorescent lamps. The reflector is made of matt anodized...

fluorescent wall light / linear - GLO : DISPLAY by Philip Feenstra

Glo 600 T5

Glo is a linear shaped wall luminaire for T5 lamps. The lamps are covered by a sandblasted...

fluorescent wall light / linear / RGB - SERIESTWO

Brightline brings the award-winning color-changing technology of the Studio CycSeries to the architectural realm with its SeriesTWO red/green/blue color-changing fixtures. Flexible and cost-efficient programming and playback options make the SeriesTwo the ideal
choice for cove lighting and other architectural color-changing...

fluorescent wall light / linear / office / shop - SYSTEM Q

System Q is a decorative yet functional family of wall luminaires and complementary pendant luminaires. The low profile design utilizes T5 fluorescent as well as ceramic...

fluorescent wall light / square - SYSTEM Q II

Body and trim: Aluminum and steel.
Finish: Silver anodized extrusion with silver/grey powder
coated end caps.
Reflectors: Specular aluminum.
Protective lamp cover: Clear borosilicate glass.

LED wall light / square - OZA

Modern, avant-gard design square wall and ceiling surface lights in 50mm

halogen wall light / square - IRUÉS P

Series of surface luminaires for halogen
lamps in 80 mm aluminium section.
There are models with two different
heights, using one single...

LED wall light / linear - PINETA

Series of minimalist design surface
luminaires, of 35, 50 and 80 mm
aluminium sections, for linear

halogen wall light / square - ANSO

Series of square surface luminaires for
wall, with rolled steel housing, modern
and up-to-the-minute design for halogen

fluorescent wall light / square - ANSO

Series of square surface luminaires for
wall, with rolled steel housing, modern
and up-to-the-minute design for halogen

LED wall light / round - 230V UNI

3 x 3 Watt
IP54 3x3 Watt MI LED Exterior...

fluorescent wall light / linear - SLIM PYRAMID : 503501

Cover & Body
Glass reinforsed polyester

fluorescent wall light / linear - SLIMLITE® CS

HE - high efficiency: Fluorescent luminaire with a high light output, designed to be efficient and economical
HO - high output: Fluorescent luminaire with over 50% greater luminous flux output per lamp
DIM 1-10V: Dimmable luminaire with 1-10V control cables (Mini AMP plug aund coupler; dimming area 10-100%); the...

fluorescent wall light / linear - SLIMLITE® CS SEAMLESS

Connection: 220 240V / 50 60Hz
Lamp: extremely long-life T5 (ø 16mm) Seamless high efficiency fluorescent lamp, ø life 18,000 hours or Seamless...

LED wall light - MOON 120Q / 65Q by Sideprogetti

Wall or ceiling mounted model with a square plate of neutral or anodized black aluminum; reflector made of aluminum painted aluminum gray or black, with the possibility to use halogen, LED and iodide bulbs. Ideal for...

halogen wall light / round - SIG by Sideprogetti

Wall lamp with halogen fixture.The original version of Sig presents a cylindrical...

LED wall light / linear - MEDLEY A : SMS

Interior LED Linear Lighting

LED wall light / linear - MEDLEY C : EAS

LED Linear Lighting for Interior Applications
Medley C is...

LED wall light - VERDE

A diminutive LED indirect/wallwash luminaire. Verde is the best new choice for interior...

LED wall light / linear - VENTANA

LED architectural sconces for interior applications
Designed to offer a quality...

LED wall light / square - VENTANA

LED architectural sconces for interior applications
Designed to offer a quality...

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