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1 products Offi
Offi PERCH by Eric Pfeiffer
contemporary fireside chair PERCH by Eric Pfeiffer Offi

The Perch Lounge has a softly contoured plywood shell with a...

2 products OK DESIGN
original design fireside chair ACAPULCO OK DESIGN

The Acapulco chair is a classic Mexican chair. It takes its name from the famous Pacific...

original design fireside chair CONDESA OK DESIGN

The Condesa chair takes its name from the elegant yet...

1 products 4-orm
1 products DePadova
contemporary fireside chair by Vico Magistretti BISTRÒ DePadova

Low chair with upholstered seat and wooden back. For waiting rooms and hotel lobbies, or in cafes. Type...

1 products pastoe
pastoe LC03
contemporary fireside chair by Maarten Van Severen & Fabian Schwaerzler LC03 pastoe

The LC03 is a design that is characterised by simplicity. The frame has been reduced to one clear line, which almost inconspicuously supports...

1 products PAU
contemporary fireside chair MARTINI PHYLLIS MORRIS

Handcrafted chair with Lucite base and legs. Shown...

New Baroque style fireside chair STARLET PHYLLIS MORRIS

Handcrafted chair with cabriole Lucite front legs, curved Lucite back legs and...

1 products piet hein eek
1 products POITOUX
5 products Potocco
2 products prostoria
prostoria MONK by Grupa
contemporary wood fireside chair MONK by Grupa prostoria

The armchairs shell is composed of two bent pieces of plywood upholstered in fabric, underneath which lies a simple structure of massive oak. The armrest forms part of the seat and the...

prostoria OBLIQUE by Numen/Foruse
contemporary wood fireside chair OBLIQUE by Numen/Foruse prostoria

The basis of the system is the characteristic profile of a sofa which, defined by two triangular prisms, ensures maximum foam thickness on the rear of the...

1 products Prototipo
Prototipo RESOLE by Fabrizio Gallinaro
contemporary fireside chair RESOLE by Fabrizio Gallinaro Prototipo

The HeSole collection clearly draws inspiration from the epoque of Louis XVI. but when our rleslgner was given the freedom to use newmotenals such as...

2 products PSM
PSM 1102
contemporary fireside chair 1102 PSM

Lounge armchair in beechwood available in different finishes from our beech...

contemporary fireside chair LOUISE PSM

Relax chair in plywood veneered. Available completely in wood or...

2 products PUNKALIVE
1 products Made in Ratio
Riva Industria Mobili MAUI by Terry Dwan
contemporary wood fireside chair MAUI by Terry Dwan Riva Industria Mobili

This armchair is made of scented cedar wood and it is carved out of a single block of wood with a 75 cm-wide diameter or larger. It is hand-finished. Its sinuous shape, characterized...

Riva Industria Mobili KAIRO
contemporary fireside chair by Karim Rashid contemporary fireside chair (organic design) KAIRO Riva Industria Mobili

The year 2009 marks the beginning of the collaboration between the internationally renowned designer Karim Rashid and RIVA 1920. Reflecting on the experience of designing KAIRO, Karim Rashid says: When...

Riva Industria Mobili TAHITI by Terry Dwan
contemporary wood fireside chair TAHITI by Terry Dwan Riva Industria Mobili

This armchair is made of scented cedar wood and it is carved out of a single block of wood with a 100 cm- wide diameter or larger. Due...

1 products Rosini
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