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contemporary fireside chair / swivel - DIVA 2 by Tapio Anttila

Diva collection has organic design. This...

contemporary fireside chair - LIVE M2

Hardwood frame - High Resilience...

contemporary fireside chair / stackable - AFTERNOON-F-255 by Eero Koivisto

Stackable easy-chair. Frame in chromium or silver lacquered metal.

"As the...

contemporary fireside chair - DROPP-F-204 by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Frame in chromium or silver lacquered metal. Available with...

contemporary fireside chair / Scandinavian design - PAPA-F-276 by Jonas Lindvall

Easy-chair in ash or oak. Also available as stained. Upholstered...

traditional fireside chair - NORRIS

29" / 73.5cm
Width: 28"...

classic style fireside chair - BREWSTER

31" / 79cm
Width: 22" /...

traditional fireside chair - OTTOMAN

33" / 84cm
Width: 27" /...

traditional fireside chair - PENNY

26" / 66cm
Width: 23" / 58.5cm
Height: 28"...

original design fireside chair - PUNTO G by Giovanni Bartolozzi

A skinny armchair, reduced to its essential elements. Or a plain element which generates a hybrid seat
while folding into itself. The G-shaped section is a sign of material continuity, a self supporting segment
which brings together...

contemporary fireside chair / with charging stations - SYLVIE

Sylvie looks good in pairs, circled, or all by...

contemporary fireside chair / with charging stations - SYLVIE

Dimensions: W:682 mm /26,9 inch H: 1100 mm /43,3 inch,
Seat height: 310...

contemporary fireside chair / with charging stations - SYLVIE

Dimensions: W:682 mm /26,9 inch H: 1100 mm /43,3 inch
Seat height:...

contemporary fireside chair / with charging stations - SYLVIE

An occasional chair which...

Pop Art design fireside chair / contemporary - BLOBULOUS

The Blobulous Chairs series in brightly
coloured fiberglass (Blu-Pink, Chrome-
Orange, Orange-Purple, Pink-White, Lime-
Purple) characterized by bodily and smooth

contemporary fireside chair - CLOUD by Lisa Widén

Let Cloud slide on its hidden curved rail to provide a comfortable sitting position. A soft shape that suits tall and short people alike. The seat can even switch places with the back support. Lisa Widén’s design has surprisingly modest dimensions,...

contemporary fireside chair - HANG ON

Hang On is a simple and elegant lounge chair with a core mounted...

contemporary fireside chair / leather - HJ ZETA

The perfect model where sound design is supported by a solid steel frame. The seating comfort is unsurpassed,...

contemporary fireside chair / in wood - PALLET

The Pallet Project started life For 10, TEN, X project at 100% Design 2008. The idea was to created a product that could be made for £10 or less.

The first pallet range was a pallet chair, a hanging light, a floor light and some stools. The first pallet chair was...

contemporary fireside chair - RE-IMAGINE

Re-Imagine is a project born out of questioning our resourcefulness and our attitudes towards waste. It builds on Studiomamas interests in expediency and re-using the existing, and speaks of our ability to see the potential in the overlooked and unloved.


contemporary fireside chair - CUBE 302

30 3⁄4 x 30 3⁄4 x 23 3⁄4 95 lbs 12.5 ft3

contemporary fireside chair / Pop Art design - SMALL CITY

It is a modular system characterized by a simply contoured...

contemporary fireside chair - DUNE SINGLE MODULE

Height 87 cm | 34.25"
Width 80 cm | 31.5"
Depth 88 cm | 34.65"
Features -Modules secured together by bracket on bottom.

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