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hydromassage column - ESSENTIAL

The best option whether to enjoy a relaxing or invigorating...

hydromassage column - EVOLUTION

Stainless steel hydromassage column with contemporary lines...

temperature regulated hydromassage column - FRESH

Acrylic hydromassage column for baths or shower trays.
General features
- Thermostatic...

temperature regulated hydromassage column - EGO

Ego, Super Ego, Es the name of a new concept of bathroom space is born from Freuds concept of the mind as a balance of elements, the expression...

temperature regulated hydromassage column - ES

The essence of the Jacuzzi® shower and vertical hydromassage in a product that stretches the meaning of the word minimal to its...

temperature regulated hydromassage column - IOS

The feelings and the materials that are typical of the interior design of the contemporary home transform the bathroom into a living space...

temperature regulated hydromassage column - REI by Ied Centro Ricerche

Rei put together the best of Jacuzzi® technology and offers a complete choice of functions: fixed raindrop showerhead for a regenerating...

temperature regulated hydromassage column - SKIN

A contemporary, simple and essential design made of minimalism, transparencies and rich materials. This is Skin, the...

hydromassage column - OMEGA 1

Structure in methacrylate material.
Mixer for hot /cold water.
Shower head.

hydromassage column - OMEGA 2

Structure in methacrylate.
Mixer for hot /cold water. Latch for shower.

hydromassage column - OMEGA 3

Structure in methacrylate material.
Mixer for hot /cold water.
Latch for...

hydromassage column - OMEGA 4

Structure in methacrylate material.
Mixer for hot /cold water.

hydromassage column - OMEGA 5

Structure in metacrylate material.
Mixer for hot /cold water.

hydromassage column - ZEROCUBE

Design and technology, solidity and beauty...

hydromassage column - ZERO

Zero shower column is made of acrylic mineral, an extremely versatile material that can be...

temperature regulated hydromassage column - ACQUAPURA  by Franco Sargiani

Rarefied, abstract, almost a
graphic outline, wall-
rnounted Acquapura is a slim
suspended horizontal plane
that floats on light.
Acquapura shower panel
available with a
made up of:
- n0...

hydromassage column - ACQUATONICA M by F.Sargiani

With the Acquatonica project
Franco Sargiani's design
achieves a total expressive
synthesis. The challenge has
been to translate the
technological complexity of
new products into pure

temperature regulated hydromassage column - IPLASH

6 mm tempered glass, 4 colours options .
(green, orange, white or black)
· Zeratek body (a mineral...

hydromassage column - KAWA

· Acrylic panel with various colour options
(slightly traslucent).
· Upper side available in 5 colours (white, green,

hydromassage column - TOUCH

· Acrylic panel with various colour options (slightly

hydromassage column - HOUSTON

· Wall brass panel.
· Thermostatic tap.
· Shower rose 200 mm....

hydromassage column - TEXAS

Aluminium panel.
· Chrome finished control selector 5 functions.
· 6 massage spray nozzles...

hydromassage column - A-CORDE

A-CORDE offers you numerous functions to enjoy relax...

hydromassage column - PIAVE

Straight lines, naturalness and elegance are the...

hydromassage column - ISSEO

ISSEO, stylish design with curved lines. Anodized...

hydromassage column - FEEL: 8883841106

Series Feel
name hydromassage column wall mounted

hydromassage column - FEEL: 888284

Series Feel
name Feel 1300 f/bathtub

hydromassage column - Happy: 888680

Series Happy
name hydromassage column...

hydromassage column with steam generator - LIGHT by Fabio Lenci

The Light shower panel was designed to match the Light shower enclosure, but it also fits in perfectly with the Pasha and all domestic spa projects, thanks to the steam outlet and to the built-in taps. A genuine object of well-being, it stands out for its pure shapes...

hydromassage column with steam generator - P548 by Angeletti-Ruzza

Shower panel with steam outlet designed to be teamed with...

hydromassage column - ELLE 220 TOP by Paolo Parea


hydromassage column - ELLE 160 TOP by Paolo Parea


hydromassage column - ELLE 160 MIDI by Paolo Parea


hydromassage column by Marc Sadler - PLIÈ


hydromassage column - VANITY by Studio C&P

Model sheet Vanity
Multifunction column. Vanity comes with a thermostatic single command mixer tap which...

hydromassage column - K-108

304 stainless...

hydromassage column - K2209

Products Information

hydromassage column - K2208-1

Products Information

hydromassage column - K2404A

Products Information
Size: 1500X250X400MM

hydromassage column - K2403B

Products Information
Size: 1200X160X400MM
Black tempered...

temperature regulated hydromassage column - FORMAT

The Format shower column, with its distinctively leneal...

hydromassage column - ESSENTIA PLUS

Shower panel Essentia Plus
Dimensions:28 x 52 x 151 cm

Shower panel includes:


hydromassage column - MIO

Mio is a novel form with balanced proportions expressing refined grace.

Mio shower column is casted from Xonyx™ massive stone mixture, a material that is very hard and...

hydromassage column - ÁMBITO

Produced in DuPont Corian in collaboration...

hydromassage column - YN MAX

The overhead shower embraces the body in a pleasant freshness that reproduces rain drops. The injectors system, working in groups of 4 nozzles and specifically directed...

hydromassage column - YN DORSAL

The pulsing injectors system is specifically directed to acunpuncture points, maximizing the benefits. Pulsing jets discharge alternate water...

hydromassage column - LOOK

Look columns' main features are:
Lacquered metallic high gloss structure in 3 different colours.
A thermostatic hydraulic set that controls the water's temperature for maximum comfort and total safety.
A manual...

hydromassage column - LAOS

Laos is composed by a set of accessories and equipment that guarantee total satisfaction. An ultra-slim overhead shower, for total relaxation and freshness. A vertical...

hydromassage column - NEX

Bet on the colour that best suits you and take the chance to carry a cheerful...

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