Toothbrush holders

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soap dish with toothbrush holders - RONDINE 2

A perfect fusion of gleaming chrome and pure white ceramic...

toothbrush holder - RONDINE 3

A perfect fusion of gleaming chrome and pure white...

toothbrush holder - ISTIA 9

This range features graceful scroll detailing...

toothbrush holder - AVIGNON 11

Classically styled chrome work and frosted...

toothbrush holder - CAMBRIDGE 6

Gleaming white ceramic designs provide a perfect companion...

toothbrush holder - BUCATINI by Fabio Bortolani & Ermanno Righi

Amusing and designed to appeal to younger buyers, the Bucatini range of accessories consists of a stainless...

toothbrush holder - O2: 0634 by Fabrizio Batoni

Lightness and compositional rigor. These are the esthetic and design characteristics of O2.

O2 refers to oxygen, its energy and its imperceptible weight, evoking its precise and punctual chemical structure.

Two seemingly contradictory concepts...

toothbrush holder - BAMBOO

Bamboo it's an elegant and minimal bath accessories collection. The ceramic...

toothbrush holder - CLASSIC

Classic glamour and elegant lines, Classic is the bath accessories collection characterized...

toothbrush holder - ESSENTIAL

Essential is a minimal and modern bath accessories collection...

toothbrush holder - ICE

Ice is a modern collection of bath accessories characterized by minimal...

toothbrush holder - DIA: 353TH

Symmons Dia™ Toothbrush...

toothbrush holder - LUXA

Clean lines meld with...

toothbrush holder - START 13.1960

Toothbrush and tubler...

toothbrush holder - 8000: 8004

Treemme Rubinetterie also offers a vast range of accessories to complete the...

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