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polypropylene waterproofing membrane - IMPERBAND


Imperband is ideal for use in new construction and refurbishment. for under both fl oor and wall tiles surrounding showers...

polypropylene waterproofing membrane - LAMITECH N


Polymer sheet for multiple purposes suitable for waterproofi ng areas. impact noise reduction. ideal for decoupling or crack bridging and vapour pressure equalization.


liquid waterproofing membrane - SYLASTIC


Bicomponent waterproofer with a cement and specifi c resins base giving it enhanced fl exibility and better adherence properties on any type of surfaces. Fast-drying.


roof asphalt waterproofing membrane - SUPERDRAIN


super-drain is a highly effi cient drainage system that is installed over existing Waterproof barriers on outdoor terraces; it consists of a fi ltering fabric and...

underlay membrane - STAMISOL DW

STAMISOL DW membrane, offering particularly high strength and exceptional service life, ensures a structural protection function in the long term. It...

underlay membrane - STAMISOL ECO

Stamisol ECO roofing membranes are manufactured using...

roof asphalt waterproofing membrane - MASTERSEAL®

BASF has a long history of providing repair and protection solutions for water infrastructure projects. Our MASTERSEAL® waterproofing...

mineral wool waterproofing membrane / for floors / with vapor barrier - EARTHWOOL® KLIMA KDR 033

Klima Duct Roll KDR 033 is a strong, flexible roll of non-combustible, glass mineral...

polypropylene waterproofing membrane / for roofs / rainwater - POLYFOAM SLIMLINE ZERO

For protected membrane flat roofs



The use of Polyfoam Slimline Zero Membrane improves the thermal performance of protected membrane flat roofs by reducing the amount of rainwater flowing between the insulation and the waterproofing membrane.



liquid waterproofing membrane - AQUAFLEX SYSTEM

Flexible, waterproofing and anti-fracture liquid membrane.
Use Aquaflex to waterproof all types of surfaces indoors and outdoors, as long as not permanently in contact with water and for waterproofing old bituminous or asphalt coverings.
Aquaflex can also be used as a flexible anti-fracture membrane for damaged substrate on which ceramic tiles or stone material can be installed, to prevent...

asphalt waterproofing membrane - ISAMITE

Bituminous paint in solvent solution.
Use Isamite as an adhesive primer for waterproofing with bituminous membranes. Isamite can also be used as a protective paint for concrete and masonry walls in...

liquid waterproofing membrane - MAPEGUM WPS

Fast drying flexible liquid tanking membrane for the interior waterproofing of bathroom...

waterproofing membrane - MAPELASTIC AQUADEFENSE

Ready to use, flexible, ultra rapid drying waterproofing membrane for interior and exterior use in showers, wet rooms and on balconies*....

foundation waterproofing membrane / for wall - MAPELASTIC

Two-component flexible cementitious mortar for waterproofing concrete...

liquid waterproofing membrane - FINESTOP RA

Primary component for seconary air/weather barrier used over approved sheathings


fiberglass-reinforced waterproofing membrane / for roofs - NO. 25

Heavy Duty Durability
No. 25 Glass Base Sheet consists of...

self-adhesive asphalt waterproofing membrane / for roofs - ROOF-FAST CAP

A Mineral Surface Ideal for Any New Roof or Re-Roofing Low Slope Project
Our Roof-Fast...

self-adhesive asphalt waterproofing membrane / for roofs - ROOF-FAST 95 BASE

Our Roof-Fast 95 Base consists of an inorganic, durable, reinforcing mat of non-woven glass fibers that has been...

self-adhesive asphalt waterproofing membrane / for roofs - ROOF-FAST BASE MA

Maximum Waterproofing, Minimum Installation Hassle
Our Roof-Fast Base MA is constructed using an inorganic...

polyester waterproofing membrane / for roofs - TORCHFLEX TP-HD CAP

This product is reinforced with a tough non-woven composite polyester mat which has been strengthened with a glass fiber scrim in both machine and cross directions. The mat is fully permeated with...

liquid waterproofing membrane / acrylic / cement / for foundations - ACRIFLEX WINTER

Two component waterproofing liquid membrane based on cement, water based acrylic resin, for balconies, terraces, swimming pools, tanks, cisterns, flat roofs, foundations, bituminous or slated membranes, parking areas, flashings, concrete structures and under tiles applications.

Two-component liquid waterproofing membrane...

liquid waterproofing membrane / polypropylene fibres / fibre cement / for roofs - ACRIFLEX FYBRO

Fiber-reinforced liquid waterproofing membrane based on cement and acrylic resins, to waterproof balconies, terraces, swimming pools or foundations. Thanks to the presence of polypropilene fibers, ii can be applied without the reinforcement mesh.

Two-component fiber reinforced liquid waterproofing membrane, cement based, to waterproof in positive pressure without...

liquid waterproofing membrane / cement / walls / for foundations - ACRIFLEX ANTIROOT

Anti root waterproofing liquid membrane based on cement to waterproof green roofs, garden roofs, flower boxes, foundations, green walls and underground walls. It does not need an anti root pretection and it is not dangerous for plant health.

Anti root waterproofing...

liquid waterproofing membrane / acrylic / for flashing / patio - ACRIFLEX MONO

Single-omponent liquid acrylic waterproofing membrane, coloured and ready to use, to waterproof bathrooms, shower boxes, kitchens, wet-areas in general, balconies, terraces,...

liquid waterproofing membrane / acrylic / fibre cement - ACRIFLEX PH 4

Cement fiber-reinforced liquid waterproofing membrane with high chemical resistance.

Two-component, fiber-reinforced liquid waterproofing membrane, formulated with water-based...

high-density polyethylene HDPE waterproofing membrane - DUPONT™ TYVEK® SOFT

According to UNI EN 13859-1 and UNI EN 13859-2

DuPont™ Tyvek® Soft...

waterproofing membrane - DUPONT™ TYVEK® METAL

According to UNI EN 13859-1 and UNI EN 13859-2

DuPont™ Tyvek® Metal is a transpirant sheath,...

polyethylene waterproofing membrane - DUPONT™ TYVEK® UV

According to UNI EN 13859-2

DuPont™ Tyvek® UV Facade is a new conception transpiring...

waterproofing membrane - DUPONT™ TYVEK® ENERCOR®

According to UNI EN 13859-2

DuPont™ Tyvek® Enercor®...

liquid waterproofing membrane - TRIFLEX PROTECT®

Triflex ProTect®
Tough roof waterproofing

Applications: Waterproofing of roof surfaces and details
Architects and contractors will be familiar with the challenge presented by the trend towards surfacing rooftops with gravel, paving or grass. Whatever the covering, absolute leak-tightness is paramount. In situations...

liquid waterproofing membrane - TRIFLEX BTS-P

Triflex BTS-P
Maximum strength

Applications: Balconies, terraces, walkways above occupied space or for crack-bridging
Triflex specially developed the wear-resistant BTS-P system for balconies, walkways and roof terraces exposed to extreme...

liquid waterproofing membrane - TRIFLEX PROTHAN®

Triflex ProThan®
Odourless system

Applications: Odourless roof waterproofing product
The odourless system with a solvent-free PUR base is ideal for...

liquid waterproofing membrane - TRIFLEX BTS-T

Triflex BTS-T
Excellent protection

Applications: Balconies, terraces, walkways above occupied space...

liquid waterproofing membrane - TRIFLEX BWS

Triflex BWS
Freedom of choice

Applications: Waterproofing underneath other mineral coverings
Triflex BWS is the mechanically strong waterproofing system for underneath other...

polymer liquid waterproofing membrane - IMPER 21

Waterproofing and elasticizing additive for cementitious grouts.

Liquid polymeric additive specific for improving the features of the grouts. It improves...

polyester waterproofing membrane / rubber / wall / patio - ADEBAND

Polyester reinforced rubber cloth for flexible joints and indoor/outdoor waterproofing.

Polyester reinforced rubber...

liquid waterproofing membrane / synthetic / walls / for roofs - GUAINALASTIC

Waterproofing liquid membrane.

Product based on synthetic resins in water dispersion that, after the setting, gives a waterproof and flexible membrane, that...

roof waterproofing membrane - EVALON®

EVALON® waterproofing membranes are high-quality synthetic membranes for single-ply sealing. The extraordinarily high percentage...

roof asphalt waterproofing membrane - EVALASTIC®

The alwitra contribution for a good climate on the construction site: EVALASTIC® waterproofing membranes are special...

polyethylene waterproofing membrane - ARMTEC LTD

Platon air gap is a tough, dimpled, 24 mil high-density...

asphalt waterproofing membrane - SOPREMA COLPHENE ICF

Colphene ICF is a self-adhesive waterproofing membrane for ICF foundations....

spray-applied coating polymer-based - ACROWALL-CBS

Highly impact and puncture resistant, water managed wall system incorporating a cement...

spray-applied coating polymer-based - ACROWALL-CBS

The infiltration of moisture into walls can trigger considerable direct...

spray-applied coating polymer-based - ACROWALL-CBS

The infiltration of moisture into walls can trigger considerable direct...

aluminium waterproofing membrane - VARIO ROLL EAVES

Eaves/gutter drip with butyl strip on either face
Easy to fit due to corrugation

The Vario Roll Traufe is a universal aluminium eaves/gutter...

polyester waterproofing membrane / for roofs - KAD

Corrugated, high-grade flexible polymer sheet for fast, reliable waterproofing at valleys

polyester waterproofing membrane / for roofs - KAD

Excellent ageing resistance

The thermo nail sealing tape is a high-bond-strength, double-sided, self-adhesive sealing...

green roof waterproofing membrane - FLW-400

070. Product Description
FLW-400 is a 400 micron thermoplastic membrane made from Polyethylene (LDPE), designed to prevent root penetration of the underlying waterproofing and also to retain moisture in the root zone.
080. Application
The product is particularly recommended for additional protection against root penetration on shallow green roofs with regular drought resistant vegetation....

green roof waterproofing membrane - FLW-800

The product is particularly recommended for additional protection...

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