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table lamp / design / Lentiflex® / polycarbonate - LIZA by Elisa Giovannoni

The design of the Liza collection, the first project by Elisa Giovannoni for Slamp, is inspired by the classic crystal lamp shade in a modern...

table lamp / original design / Opalflex® / interior - VELI Ø32 by Adriano Rachele

Originating from a system of 276 interlocks that, while apparently random, responds to precise rules of composition, Veli Mini Table is inspired by the diverse...

table lamp / original design / Steelflex® / incandescent - FIORELLINA GOLD, SILVER, COPPER by Nigel Coates

Inspired by the floral world, the new Fiorella Mini and Fiorellina lamps, similar to a small ruffled boxwood bush which, with the new metallic...

table lamp / original design / Lentiflex® / interior - CLIZIA by Adriano Rachele

The Clizia series, which consists of colored interlocked squares in Opalflex® assembled manually, evokes the story of the mythological nymph who, repudiated by...

desk lamp / contemporary / LED / office - PARA.MI

It is not only the shape and variety of colors that make PARA.MI so impressive, it also comes with a number of practical functions. The luminaire head can be pivoted and turned, while the distinctive...

desk lamp / table / contemporary / LED - ATARO LED DUT


The ATARO family of luminaires represents aesthetics, material quality, intuitive operation, and groundbreaking lighting technology with
the highest level of energy efficiency....

table lamp / contemporary / aluminum / glass - SHIBUYA by Thomas Bernstrand

Painted aluminum and glass. Table base in white, Red-orange...

desk lamp / original design / aluminium / not specified - GLORIA by Fredrik Mattson

"Let Gloria spread its beautiful light over your work station, Fredrik Mattson exhorts. She looks like the simplest possible construction, with the...

desk lamp / original design / aluminium / swing arm - GRAM by Jonas Forsman

White or black painted aluminium. Adjustable in all...

table lamp / contemporary / aluminium / not specified - DUO

The Duo™ table lamp offers the performance, quality and finish of a traditional...

table lamp / desk / contemporary / LED - TYPE 75

Classic Anglepoise® looks, flowing movement and full adjustability...

table lamp / contemporary / PVC / LED - MY TOWER

My Tower is a small atmosphere lamp perfectly adapted to Hotel or Restaurant tables.
Wireless and rechargeable it will light up the tables for 12 h.
This small nomad lamp plays with the light and the way...

table lamp / original design / polyethylene / rechargeable - SMOON NOMAD

Nomad Smoon is the first rechargeable wireless patented lamp. Created in 2005, it received the First prize of Innovation in 2006. Indoor and Outdoor use, rain resistant, this Nomad lamp works like a mobile phone. When fully charged it can be used on a table, in the bedroom or on the terrace and lights up for 10 hours. Poly-sensitive, nice to look at and to touch, its softness is due to...

table lamp / original design / porcelain / not specified - SMOONCAGE PORCELAINE

SmoonCage Porcelain is a «Moon» cage! We put moon rays in the Cage to create a magnificent lamp looking like a Light Cage!

The light is given by a group of Power LED that has a life time of 10...

table lamp / original design / porcelain / not specified - SMOON TURRET

Smoon City,first lunar city composed of three towers among which Smoon Tower.

At the crossroads of the traditional architecture of the Eastern cities and ultra modern skyscrapers of New York,...

table lamp / original design / porcelain / not specified - SMOON DOME

Smoon City,first lunar city composed of three towers among which Smoon Dome.

Smoon Dome rolls up and slopes playing with the gravity laws and defying the stars to create...

table lamp / contemporary / cotton - CARLOTA by Joana Bover

CARLOTA is the result of the functional need of lighting different areas in the same space, according to the client needs. The light source can be moved from side to side thanks to its jointed arm, which position is adjustable.

Moreover, CARLOTA belongs to a wide Wall light family, which 7 components let the user choose between many different options without...

table lamp / contemporary / nickel - CLUB - T by Luis Viñas

The main characteristic of CLUB luminaires is the bright interpretation that its designer, Luís Viñas, made of its constructive structure.

The classic inner arms subjection makes way to the strength of the design, converting in essence, the products...

table lamp / contemporary / cotton - DANONA by Joana Bover

This luminaire is compatible with the light bulbs of the following energy classes:

table lamp / traditional / nickel / textile - EMA 03 by Joana Bover


table lamp / traditional / cotton / methacrylate - FERRARA by Joana Bover

Black or graphite brown wrought iron structure, featuring specially crafted and shaped decorative artisanal knot. Lamp shades are available...

table lamp / original design / steel / swing arm - LAMPE GRAS N°205

Perfect : on a desk, a sideboard or a low-stable.
black satin socle,...

table lamp / original design / steel / swing arm - LAMPE GRAS N°317

Perfect : wood base on a desk, a sideboard or a low-table.
black satin base, black satin arm, blue shade

desk lamp / original design / steel / swing arm - LAMPE GRAS N°201

Architects were the first to be bowled over this lamp 201 of the series.

table lamp / contemporary / aluminium / not specified - E.T.

The Tablelamp E.T. is a helpful little buddy. The combination of pencil
holder and light is convenient,...

table lamp / original design / metal / not specified - BE MINE 33

typology: lamp
material: mirror polished stainless steel, acrylic glass
source of illumination: nr. 33 halogen bulbs 12V/5W - dimmerable
registered copyright: ADI n° R.P. 2694

diameter: 55cm

beMine 33...

desk lamp / original design / metal - AX20 by Manuel Vivian

Complete lamp collection made of brass...

table lamp / contemporary / aluminium / not specified - MIND-LED: VOLUPTAS by Lorenzo Truant

The Voluptas series includes modular ceiling lights, wall lights, and table lights in white...

table lamp / original design / crystal / not specified - TONDO T

Treasure inside, no limitation when playing...

table lamp / original design / crystal / not specified - LINEA T

Classic natural form, made of highest quality...

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