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child's unisex table - ID #46

The practical round table can be easily rotated...

table lamp / contemporary / aluminium - TWIST by Nahtrang

Metallic table lamp in aluminium.

table lamp / original design / brass / aluminium - ATOMIC

Experience the molecular design of Atomic table lamp. A spot-on interpretation of the atomic age design. A set of 4 round spotlights,...

side table / contemporary / cardboard / for kids - DOROTHY

small table in honeycomb cardboard, assembled through...

child's unisex tabel and chair set - BAMBINO

cheerful and colourful
Children are engulfed by their own play worlds, which are tailored exactly to...

child's unisex tabel and chair set - KALLE & CO

playful childrens furniture
Its like a role play. When the little ones politely invite their guests to sit down, the grown-ups...

child's unisex table - DOTS

The table is just the right height for...

child's unisex game table - KANGA

With removable fabric pocket and two little...

child's unisex game table - 2891

The children can draw at it, read, play and even construct a den...

child's unisex game table - 2891

Chairs and tables are the central element of the furnishing in any room, regardless of whether its a group activity room in a kindergarten or an art room in a school. HABA has the ideal solution for all rooms!...

table lamp / contemporary / wood - BEE

Walnut base, steel platform, brown linen shade

child's unisex table - MOD TOPPER™ by Lisa Albin Design

Conceived to complement the Mod Rocker, this tray/table can be used on its own or as a stool. When grouped together, the table and chair play on material variation, solid and...

child's unisex tabel and chair set - CRAFT/WORK™ by Lisa Albin Design

All kids need a table with a nice-sized surface for their many projects and the Craft/Work Table and Chair is sure to provide the perfect setting for children's...

child's unisex table - LIMA TABLE™ by Lisa Albin Design

The Lima Table combines comfort with aesthetics for a table that reflects the way children often sit on the floor! The ergonomic shape of...

child's unisex tabel and chair set - TORTOISE™

Everyone knows that the coffee table is the center of the home. Kids climb on it, everyone congregates for meals and conversation....

child's unisex tabel and chair set - BLACK BEAUTIES

In the summer of 200 Ineke Hans set up a children’s collection, Black Beauties, thirteen products with some very traditional small items for boy (crash car) and girl (skipping rope).
All items are made of black recycled plastic: wind-, water-, salt-, acid-, UV-resistant. The material allows products like the bathroom step (Wetstep) and the swings (Swing...

child's unisex tabel and chair set - by Tina Schmidt

Stimulates and inspires the childs development and senses.
Supports childrens need for movement and play.
Combines movement with sedentary activity.

table lamp / contemporary / aluminium - VINTE2 by Fernando Prado

vinte2 was designed by fernando prado to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the brazilian...

table lamp / original design / glass - CAMPARI BAR by Raffaele Celentano

Ten original Campari Soda bottles, individually detachable. Plastic, metal, glass, porcelain. Above the ten original Campari Soda bottles, ice cubes made of glass reflect the light.

Light source

table lamp / original design / glass - LUCELLINO

Table version. Glass, brass, plastic, hand-crafted goosefeather
wings. 230/125/24...

table lamp / contemporary / aluminium - TU-BE TWO

Aluminium tubes, steel. The ball-joint makes...

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