stainless steel solar shading / for facades / vertical
stainless steel solar shading

Southampton, the historic port on England’s south coast, now has a new retail and entertainment centre in the shape of WestQuay Watermark. Over the centuries, Southampton’s city centre developed remote from the sea, but now the WestQuay ...

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aluminum solar shading / for facades / window / horizontal
aluminum solar shading

This series of profiles is an addition to the Univers® 54 offer. Fitted to the pressure plates of the Univers® 54 curtain wall range, they provide a primary solar protection and give the façade a typical look. Their simplicity and ...

methacrylate solar shading / polycarbonate / for facades / vertical
methacrylate solar shading

Lattices for sun protection made with is a good option because Their aging resistance and high impact resistance. Methacrylate and Polycarbonate are materials used for this application because these two materials offer high light transmission ...

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Polimer Tecnic
aluminum solar shading / for facades / window / orientable
aluminum solar shading

Designed to provide effective sun protection, boost energy efficiency and enable interior control of the natural night. E66 features ensure the comfort of building inhabitants, as well as a decrease in energy cost.

titanium solar shading / for facades
titanium solar shading

Advanced forming techniques are implemented to produce solar louvers that can be interleafed or laminated within any glazing system. The thermal expansion of titanium is virtually equal to that of glass, so it is the perfect marriage ...

COR-TEN® steel solar shading / wooden / for shelters / horizontal
COR-TEN® steel solar shading

Frepat we are currently working on a project of BRISE-SOLEIL for parks and gardens. The prototype is composed of a shading wooden blades for the jardin of l’Evolution in the city of Rouen. This solar shading system is a sustainable solution ...

facade solar shading / metal / horizontal / vertical
facade solar shading

The Q-Airwing is a durable but elegant architectural elliptical louver for exterior sun shading. The Q-Airwing is available in various dimensions (depth and length), or can be produced to project specific dimensions.The Q-airwing can ...

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AFS International B.V.
PVC solar shading / for facades / horizontal / rigid
PVC solar shading

PRIVACY AND PROTECTION FROM THE SUN. These elegant louvers are right for numerous situations, such as façades, patios, galleries, canopies, etc. Bolt-free assembly makes them simple to install.

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aluminum solar shading / wooden / for facades / rigid
aluminum solar shading

The brise soleil represents an ideal complement for the buildings where you want to protect and at the same time to valorize the facades. The sunscreen should fit like a second skin to the building without changing the architectural lines. We ...

aluminum solar shading / for facades / horizontal
aluminum solar shading

DucoSun 100C, DucoSun 150 CF, DucoSun 100D and DucoSun 150D are permanent, external sun protection systems with aluminium slats. DucoSun ensures optimum heat protection with maximum incident light. Along with natural ventilation, the ...

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Baier GmbH
wooden solar shading / for facades / horizontal
wooden solar shading

Ravaioli offers customised wood solutions to cover the facades of urban buildings with sunshades and other architectural elements to protect against direct sunlight on exterior walls or in interior settings. A Ravaioli specialist helps ...

aluminum solar shading / for facades / horizontal
aluminum solar shading

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: · Aluminum Alloy Billet 6063 · Original accessories (PESPA, WURTH, SECIL etc) · Colors: Galvanized or RAL color · Resistant to weather conditions · Servers as a decorative element.

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aluminum solar shading / steel / for facades / window
aluminum solar shading

aluminium solar shading / for facades / vertical
aluminium solar shading

is an extruded aluminium louver blade which allows indirect sun light penetration. XSHADE allows an air flow of approximately 50% of the clad surface. Very attractive for its round visible surface it results to be particularly safe in ...

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blind automation / solar shading
blind automation

Today, thanks to technology emerging from Domotica and Building Automation, the diverse characteristics and functions of the sun-blind can be managed through a centralised and integrated system that forecasts the management of information ...

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wooden solar shading / for facades / horizontal
wooden solar shading
FORTE DEI MARMI ITALY PRIVA C+L Studio & Massimo Bertellotti

Automatic sunbreakers in painted stainless steel and teakwood transform a functional element into a furnishing article for the facade of this elegant dwelling, blending perfectly with the refined atmosphere of the surroundings.

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aluminum solar shading / for facades / vertical
aluminum solar shading

Aluminum Egg-Crate grilles are manufactured from both aluminum extrusions and cold-formed carbon steel. With a wide variety of mesh openings, wind, snow and water pass through with ease, substantially reducing wind and snow loading concerns. ...

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Ohio Gratings
WPC solar shading / for facades / horizontal
WPC solar shading

Combine the best in form and function. Einwood can be bent to serve your most creative designs, and provide long-lasting sun protection with the beauty of wood.

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clay solar shading / for facades
clay solar shading

fabric solar shading / for facades / for roofs / conservatory
fabric solar shading

Better management of light for increased visual comfort Moderato Sun sunscreens regulate the arrival of natural light to reduce reflection and dazzling. For use both indoors and outdoors, our solar protection allows precise and efficient ...

metal solar shading / wire mesh / for facades
metal solar shading
NET CENTER by Aurelio Galfetti

Modern architecture is rich in complex and sometimes almost ephemeral forms. The use of steel, glass, aluminium and innovative materials enables us to implement the ideas of the most brilliant and visionary designers, with both curved ...

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Stahlbau Pichler
WPC solar shading / for facades / sliding / imitation wood
WPC solar shading

WPC wall panels made are easy to install overlapping the pieces. It is a system very popular in American or North Europe houses. NeoLack is an outdoor wall panel with dimensions: 2,2 m length, 15,6 cm width and 2,1 cm thickness. It ...

metal solar shading / for facades / orientable / vertical
metal solar shading

All materials used with the supply of the cladding system will exhibit high durability. All aluminium used within the supply of the cladding system will be of high quality and supplied from a recognised quality managed and certificated ...

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James & Taylor
wooden solar shading / for facades / orientable / vertical
wooden solar shading

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glass solar shading / for facades / vertical
glass solar shading

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