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wood siding / grooved / PEFC-certified - 21 X 144 mm | THERMOWOOD® TONGUE

ThermoWood® is produced using a chemical-free natural process. By heat treating only the finest Scandinavian Redwood to enhance the chemical and physical properties...

wood siding / PEFC-certified - WESTERN RED CEDAR BEVEL

Western Red Cedar bevel cladding is produced from the very best fine grained, coastal grown Western...

wood siding / vertical / rustic - WESTERN RED CEDAR BOARD & BATTEN

Board-and-batten is a vertical design created using wide cedar boards spaced apart with narrower boards (battens) covering...

wood siding / FSC-certified - SIBERIAN TONGUE & V-JOINT

Silva’s FSC certified kiln dried Siberian Larch cladding combines excellent durability and stability with a consistent appearance and...

wood siding / vertical / for facade cladding / FSC-certified - WESTERN RED CEDAR BEVEL

Western Red Cedar bevel cladding is produced from the very best fine grained, coastal grown...

wood siding / vertical / for facade cladding / FSC-certified - WESTERN RED CEDAR BEVEL

- Customer Specific Patterns

wood siding / vertical / for facade cladding / FSC-certified - WESTERN RED CEDAR BEVEL

Brooks Bros timber cladding is an environmental and sustainable, low carbon, good thermal insulation and aesthetically pleasing material that provides an effective decorative covering for both exterior building facades and interiors. It is supplied mainly to BS1186 Part 3:1990 from sustainable sources and is either...

wood siding - KEBONY

Kebony is a revolutionary external timber product ideal for cladding, decking, flooring and yacht applications.

It is a sustainable product made more durable, stable and aesthetically...

wood siding - VINYTOP

The vinyTop Cladding System is an all-round cost-efficient solution for facing the walls of houses, garages, summer houses, chalets, mobile homes and many other things.
Due to their light weight, vinyTop Cladding profiles are particularly suitable for installation in places which are difficult to reach,...

wood siding - CLEARS – KILN DRIED

Powerwood produces and stocks a wide range of kiln dried western red cedar clears focused primarily on two grade rules: #2 clear that has limited to no defect and “C” and better clears that allow some sound and tight knots and other minor defects. Cut predominantly from old growth logs harvested from multiple locations in British Columbia,...

wood siding - STK

Manufactured from logs containing only live knots, Powerwood STK is 100% tight knot, allowing no holes or knots that will become holes during manufacture. Our STK is custom cut at a sawmill where we target quality knot structure...


Powerwood produces and stocks a wide range of full size Appearance grade western red cedar timbers from 3” thick x 4” wide through to 16” thick by 24” wide (and larger!). Appearance quality timbers are cut from a mixture of old growth and mature second growth logs. Knotty timbers are the most challenging...

wood siding - SHOP & FACTORY FLITCH

Powerwood produces Shop and Factory lumber out of our custom cuts. We focus on several different grades and sizes. Shop grades are typically...

wood siding - NO HOLE & WRC COMMONS

Powerwood accumulates 2″ thick ‘#2 and better / standard and better’ Western Red Cedar from our own cuts and timber breakdowns as well as from coastal sawmills. We will pull it from one or more sources until we have enough to do a grading and trimming run that will produce full...

wood siding - NO HOLE & WRC COMMONS

Timco Wood UK composite cladding profiles can handle whatever the...

wood siding - NO HOLE & WRC COMMONS

Profiled timber offers design and application options inside...

wood siding - F5488 SMOKY BROWN PEAR

Light Reflectance Value: 14.8

The light reflectance value (LRV) is...

wood siding - F1614 PUNGA PUNGA

Light Reflectance Value: 8

The light reflectance value (LRV) is the...

wood siding - F3855 CLEAR MAPLE

Light Reflectance Value: 52.2

The light reflectance value (LRV) is...

wood siding - F2510 GOLDEN MORNING OAK

Light Reflectance Value: 28.9

The light reflectance value (LRV) is...

wood siding - W_LAYER

Classical, simple, horizontal.


wood siding - W_ZENITH

Classic, simple, vertical

W_Zenith is...

wood siding - W_RANDOM

W_Random is available as Ritz_Random...

wood siding - W_MATRIX

Original, sophisticated

W_Matrix is...

wood siding - W_FRAME

Traditional, elegant

W_Frame is...

wood siding - W_FRAME

As well as in simple and customized projects for facades of industrial and commercial buildings, wall elements are ever more used in special projects, characterised by natural and made-to-measure building...

wood siding - W_FRAME

Wooden façades by KAPO stand out not only by their appearance, but...

panel cladding / glass - LLK

Lasvit Liquidkristal (LLK), designed by Ross Lovegrove is a new product from Lasvit's Glass Architecture Division. Lasvit Liquidkristal is the result of an innovative process that the designer defines as high precision heat transfer. Lovegrove worked with Lasvit for more than a year to create the mobile, changing...

panel cladding / glass - LLK

​​​​​​​​​Metsä Wood softwood exterior wall cladding is kiln dried for increased durability and precision finished....

wood siding - THERMOWOOD ®

Metsä Wood ThermoWood® is produced by heat treating Finnish grown pine to temperatures in excess of 200 degrees centigrade. During heat treatment, chemical...

wood siding - FINNCOLOR®

Add contemporary style with timber cladding
Enhance your outdoor living environment...

wood siding - FINNCOLOR®

High dimensional stability, low installation costs, the application of the most modern quality assurance procedures and high performance industrial fade resistant...

wood shingle / for facade cladding - SIDEWAY

▪ façade covering in northern Redwood

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