Contemporary floor lamps: plastic

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by Innermost

Take one light bulb and multiply. An array of lenses help create this stunning optical...


by Innermost

Natural cork served wafer thin to allow delicious light to filter through!



Outdoor floor lamp (IP65). Rotational-moulded polyethylene...


Lighting source

Lighting source


Metal floor lamp with smooth shade (also available as table lamp)
White painted metal...


The asymmetrical matter emptiness applied to an empty cone frustum allows to...


Floor lamp with direct and diffused light. Satined stainless steel structure. Satinfinished opal PMMA diffuser. Pyrex transparent...

Outdoors and indoors are no longer treated as separate worlds in contemporary design but as one continuous space: indoor areas flow easily outdoors; comfortable, lightweight furniture moves out of the living room onto the patio or into the garden. This is where "Pill-low" comes in: a lamp that can...

Rotationally moulded outdoor lamps with a typical organic "stone" shape: absolutely artificial items obtained with an absolutely natural shape. They are derived from the "Stone of Glass" blown...


From dawn to dusk the sky continually changes colour. As the sun is about to rise and set, the colour changes dramatically. Even during the day the colour goes through shades of blue, white and grey giving an impression of the universe being in continual activity. This aesthetic idea of...

The Foglie design is inspired by nature. The designer says: “I did not set out to copy nature but to bear witness to its magnificence. What is so amazing about nature is the intrinsic force contained in every plant which blossoms in the spring. A vertical force which starts at...

‘Guardian of Light’, a clear juxtaposition between tradition in shape and innovation in the unveiling and slicing of light. The Guardians of Light look like classic lampshades until they are switched on, at which point you realize that the classical form conceals...


Series of floor lamps available both for interior and for exterior environments....



Floor lamp for direct lighting.




Floor lamp for diffused lighting.




Fiaccola and Piantana are the new lamps for indoor signed by SLIDE, extremely linear and suitable for contemporary furnishing...

PZL is composed of two identical U-shaped modules that interlock as puzzle...


ivory polyethylene floor lamp made with the rotational
moulding technology....

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