Air handling units (AHU)

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air handling unit - 1 LBK


Air volume from 100 m3/hr
Cooling / heating / heat recovery / humidifying / mixing / ventilation
Customised according to your specifications
Two construction methods with maximum flexibility

Product Description

The importance of a comfortable...

air handling unit - 2 CLK-FA


Compact and complete
Cooling / heating / air intake / air extraction / mixingStandard with (speed regulating) DD-centrifugal fans
Durable, sturdy casing

Product Description


air handling unit roof-top - ES-2


Saving on energy costs
Functions independently
Applicable in combination with all air heaters

heat exchanger - RETROFIT KIT

The new waste-gas heat exchanger enables the Hansa unit and many boilers of renown producers to be improved to energy saving condensing systems. This will save between 10-40% of energy costs while the service friendly revision...

heat exchanger - LO-CARBON: TEMPRA

Through The Wall Mounted Heat Recovery Unit: Revolutionary patented technology; The Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Tempra through the wall heat recovery units are suitable for fitting through a 100mm (4) circular hole and are designed for use in bathrooms, toilets and utility areas. Under the...

heat exchanger - HR500DP

A 'stand alone' Heat Exchange Unit which will transfer up to 70% of the outgoing heat to incoming air. Polymeric construction with spigots to suit...

air handling unit - MINI & SLIMLINE

Designed specifically for applications with limited available height such as ceiling voids. Access (to be specified at time of ordering) can be from above or below with heater and motor connections on the left or right hand side.

The casing comprises of an AA25 anodised aluminium frame with high density glass reinforced nylon corners and double skinned panels of 0.7mm galvanised steel enclosing...

air handling unit - MINI VIKING

The Mini Viking packaged small air handling units have been developed using feedback from installers through to the end user and benefit from tried and tested components; e.g. double skinned construction with plastisol outer panel, mineral wool insulation and galvanised steel inner panel.


compact air handling unit - MINI DIRECT DRIVE

Direct Drive Air Handling Units with neat and compact design. Access can be on the left or right hand side (to be specified at time of ordering).

Mini Direct Drive Unit - Duties from 0.05m³/s to 2.25m³/s
A compact and economical range of units with directly driven centrifugal fans. There are six standard unit sizes. All the fans are speed controllable for added flexibility...

air handling unit - VN-101

casing steel-galvanized.
the main casing frame construction from robust aluminium profiles with plastic...

roofing air conditioner - PR-H36A

Features and Advantages
V World famous brand compressors(Hitachi/Sanyo)
V Inner-grooved...

air handling unit - BFPD1.5

Installation and using:
1. The unit should be installed in balance so that the fan can run smoothly.
2. The drainage hose for condensed water should be connected with "U" type seal and down to sewer so that the water can flow out swimmingly.
3. The drainage and exhaust valve should not be damaged in the course of installation. When the unit starts up, the air should be exhausted.

evaporative cooler / portable - ECO FRESH'AIR

The ECO FRESH'AIR evaporative air cooler is an economical and ecologically-sound solution for cooling large-volume spaces. It contributes to the well-being and comfort of users while respecting the work methods used in your activity. Your doors, windows and access points can remain open. It is ideal for spacious areas, rooms with...

heat exchanger - PIASTRATERM ISP

- Polywarm® coated accumulation tank with capacities from 200...

heat exchanger - PISTRATERM SLB

New piastraterm SLB offers an innovative integrated brazed plate exchanger, aimed to a fast production...

heat exchanger - LPHW

PHC Plate to plate Exchangers range is composed by 4 sizes, each one combined with innumerable number of plates, giving suitable solutions to several
application of the HVAC...

heat exchanger - LPHW BRAZED

Technical Information
New brazed Plate Exchangers SLB Cordivari. provides the most compact and economical solution siiuitable for many applications.
The SLB plate...

roofing air conditioner - SW 1000 TOP

The Sleeping Well 1000 TOP is the Indel B's electric prking cooler that grants the maximum coolness in the back of the cabin. Its especially recommended for...

roofing air conditioner - SW OBLO'

The Sleeping Well OBLÒ is the IndelB electric parking cooler caracterized by an easy and quick installation on the roof hatch of all the industrial vehicles. No specific equipment is needed. The SW Oblò...

roofing air conditioner - SW OBLO' TWIN

Sleeping Well Oblò Twin is the new electric parking cooler equipped with 2 Secop, formerly Danfoss, BD350GH compressors. The refrigerant power supplied is 1800...

compact air handling unit - CV-NF

Self-contained compact monoblock units designed for preservation of generic...

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