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wall coat rack / contemporary - ART591

Wardrobe rack art 591

The hall is the calling card of any living room! – There is no better way to brighten up this space more impressively...

traditional coat hook / metal / by Adolf Loos - KNIZE

Sensational design from the very puristic period of Josef...

wall coat rack / contemporary - PEG RAIL

Our version of the classic wall-mounted Shaker peg rail, making use...

wooden coat hook - LOOP by Richard Hutten

Classic shape from Richard Hutten in new product.
Richard Hutten often combines the practical...

wall coat rack / contemporary - PEGGY

Folding wall mounted valet made of...

wall coat rack / contemporary - RIBBON by Tanja Soeter

The tiny object seems to partner with the wall its on, influencing the complete...

coat hook - CANTERBURY: 2064207

Available Finishes:

coat hook - TOPAZ: 2201407

Available Finishes:

coat hook - BALI: 2245407

Available Finishes:

coat hook - CHESS by Malin Lundmark

Chess, designed by Malin Lundmark in 2010. The graphically designed and sculpted hooks/hangers in the Chess...

wall coat rack / contemporary - FLIPFLOP by WIS Design

FlipFlop designed by WIS Design in 2010, can be used as a decorative hook rack and as a display rack...

wall coat rack / contemporary - FRONT by L.Pettersson & L.Notman

Front design Skala Design (Lasse Pettersson and Lennart Notman), is a wall-mounted or freestanding storage system that can be used to store and display newspapers, magazines, envelopes, forms, books, pictures, letters,...

coat hook - KNOB by Patrik Hansson

Knob, designed by Patrik Hansson in 2010. Knob is an exquisitely turned coat hook in solid wood, with a rubber...

wall coat rack / contemporary - NEST by G.Gustafson & M.Ståhlbom

Nest design Gabriella Gustafson Mattias Ståhlbom, 2007, coat-stand is based on the principle of organised chaos. Inspired...

wall coat rack / contemporary - ARCO E BALESTRA

Arco e Balestra clothes-hanger.

wall coat rack / contemporary - by Hanspeter Weidmann

Height 19 cm / width 70-100 cm / depth 16,5...

wall coat rack / contemporary - IVY by MOS

"A doctor can always bury his mistakes. An architect can only advise his client to plant ivy."
Frank Lloyd Wright.

Ivy is an easy-to-assemble modular wall...

wall coat rack / contemporary - 2410019

Malmsten Benches are made of PVC profiles with an aluminium inner...

stainless steel coat hook - 1139-S

Material: Type 304 stainless steel no. 4 finish.

Features: Concealed mounting. Robe hook portion fabricated from 16 ga. ss type 304, no. 4...

stainless steel coat hook - 1147

Coat hooks are fabricated from 12 gauge (.1″)...

epoxy coat hook / stainless steel - 1150

Materials: All stainless steel type 304 # 4 finish. Hook is epoxy coated 16 ga. stainless steel, providing...

epoxy coat hook / stainless steel - 1150-3

Materials: 3 hook strip is 22 ga. stainless steel type 304 # 4 finish. Hook is epoxy coated 16 ga. stainless...

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