contemporary screen / felt
contemporary screen
ALBERO by Quentin de Coster

The Albero screen's synthetic felt body (which comes in five different colours) evokes the shape of a tree. A galvanised steel tube represents the "trunk", while a polished (or lacquered) steel plate stands for the "roots". Everything ...

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contemporary screen / MDF
contemporary screen
FLEXI by Marc Thill

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contemporary screen / in wood
contemporary screen

PARAWALL Year: Material: Mentored by: Collaboration w/: 2009 medium density fiberboard Prof. Volker Albus Anne Lorenz Bedrooms and the demands on this place are many-sided and differ a lot. One aspect always seems to be crucial: ...

contemporary screen / in textile
contemporary screen

LA CABANE Year: Material: Mentored by: 2009 medium density fiberboard, textile Prof. Patrick Blot and Prof. Silvain Dubuisson “La cabane” belonged to the project “La cabane sûr lit“ that I worked on during my semester at the ...

wooden screen / for bathrooms
wooden screen

The Class-X range of the bathroom collection consists of a series of solid teak modules that can be used either individually or in combinations to achieve the desired effect. This enables a lot of compositions according to the available ...

contemporary screen / ash / oak
contemporary screen
MORI by Setsu & Shinobu Ito

original design screen / glass / metal / in wood
original design screen

contemporary screen / plastic / aluminum / portable
contemporary screen
BABLÒ by Egidio Panzera

Bablò is a revolutionary free-standing inflatable partition wall on a wheel that can be used to create many different settings as it is easy to reposition and has an attractive design based on a combination of solids and voids. Its ...

contemporary screen / WPC / patio / brown
contemporary screen

The practical screen BESTWOOD EasyCare screens provide perfect protection from the sun, wind, weather and unwanted glances. Professional screens consist of a minimum of two mullions and screen elements, simply inserted into each other, ...

contemporary screen / steel / fabric / portable
contemporary screen

Woodland is a freestanding space divider with excellent sound-absorbing features. This playful screen provides visual protection while improving the acoustics and functionality of a public space. Woodland is available in two different ...

contemporary screen / plastic / metal / residential
contemporary screen
MIDNIGHT by Franco Poli

Painted metal structure. Partition element in patented cut coach hide. Plastic spacers. Technology Franco Poli.

contemporary screen / mesh / adjustable / for offices
contemporary screen

Enclosed in mesh, our sturdy steel Screen creates an office oasis by providing semi-private boundaries. adds privacy to lounge settings perfect addition to Big Lounge and Half Lounge furniture right hand and left han available

contemporary screen / in textile / aluminum / in wood
contemporary screen
RELAX 074 , RELAX 139

Due to their classic design, the sound absorbers RELAX 074 and RELAX 139 can be harmoniously integrated into interior decoration. The covering of the absorbers is seamlessly crafted of pure merino-wool and can be obtained in 36 popular ...

contemporary screen / in textile / portable / adjustable
contemporary screen
EASE by Andreas Engesvik & Jens Fager

EASE is a unique new line of lightweight, flexible display solutions suitable for every area of the room. EASE simply creates functional spaces – tailored to your needs.

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