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1 products B&B Italia
B&B Italia AC
office bookcase by Antonio Citterio AC B&B Italia

A complete range of executive wood based furniture for executive offices, meeting rooms...

2 products Herman Miller
video Herman Miller STEM
office bookcase-screen STEM Herman Miller

Stem places storage at the heart...

video Herman Miller STEM
high office bookcase STEM Herman Miller

Stem places storage at the heart...

2 products Allsteel
video Allsteel INVOLVE
office bookcase INVOLVE Allsteel

Involve’s modular design brings everything together to accommodate all the different ways work gets done, from private office to open plan and beyond. It incorporates...

high office bookcase ESSENTIALS Allsteel

Essentials is a complete offering of practical filing and storage solutions including laterals, pedestals, personal files, bookcases,...

2 products Frezza
Frezza MADIA
low office bookcase MADIA Frezza

The elegant and contemporary Madia permits several modular combinations in various...

1 products Haworth Europe
Haworth Europe VADOS by Haworth Design Studio
low office bookcase VADOS by Haworth Design Studio Haworth Europe

Vados is an incredibly flexible cabinet storage system from the Haworth Design Studio. It meets the needs of today’s business environment, where adaptability is a key factor. Even...

3 products KIMBALL Office
high office bookcase PRESIDENT™ KIMBALL Office

Distinctive details and classic components add beauty, elegance and...

office bookcase PRIORITY™ KIMBALL Office

As one of our most popular casegood platforms, Priority supports every type of work environment while giving you the choice to select only the specific...

office bookcase FLUENT® KIMBALL Office

Adapt to changing floor plans with Fluent’s configurable components. Complement contemporary spaces with varied surface material options that coordinate with Kimball Office’s existing products. Designed...

KI Office Europe KI 400 SERIES™
office bookcase KI 400 SERIES™ KI Office Europe

Drawer units, tambour and two door cupboards, lockers and personal storage top box with tambour opening. Manufactured in the UK, KI 400 Series is available on short and consistent...

6 products UNIFOR
UNIFOR NAOS by Pierluigi Cerri
office bookcase NAOS by Pierluigi Cerri UNIFOR

Wall system with modular paneling in natural...

UNIFOR LESS LESS by Jean Nouvel Design
high office bookcase LESS LESS by Jean Nouvel Design UNIFOR

Always committed to the development of comfortable and efficient design solutions that respect both the user and the environment, Jean Nouvel has reinterpreted the furnishing elements...

UNIFOR REGUA by Álvaro Siza
high office bookcase REGUA by Álvaro Siza UNIFOR

Table and bookcase that move in space...

UNIFOR LESS by Jean Nouvel
low office bookcase LESS by Jean Nouvel UNIFOR

All metal bookcase available...

1 products USM
high office bookcase USM HALLER USM

Present, store, organize: Paneling...

5 products Actiu
Actiu by Actiu
high office bookcase by Actiu Actiu

Modular cabinets are an operative office filing program...

low office bookcase CUBIC Actiu

CUBIC is a program with a modern aesthetic,...

high office bookcase CLASS Actiu

Library is the new shelving system to equip libraries and educational spaces dedicated...

office bookcase LEVEL Actiu

Library is the new shelving system to equip libraries and educational spaces dedicated to the exhibition and...

low office bookcase CLASS Actiu

Library is the new shelving system to equip libraries and educational spaces dedicated...

1 products ALEA
1 products Dieffebi
Dieffebi PRIMO by Dorigo Design
office bookcase PRIMO by Dorigo Design Dieffebi

The whole Primo line, from our cabinets to the smaller containers, can be...

2 products ESTEL
ESTEL CASE by Alberto Stella Design Manager
high office bookcase CASE by Alberto Stella Design Manager ESTEL

Operational modular storage system consisting of containers of different heights with hinged doors, sliding doors, drawers,...

ESTEL by Alberto Stella Design Manager
high office bookcase by Alberto Stella Design Manager ESTEL

Rationalising the space, organising archives, conserving records on paper, store equipment or personal accessories: today office furniture must serve a great...

2 products KINNARPS
office bookcase SERIES[E] KINNARPS

A WORLD OF OPPORTUNITIES Series[e] is a multifunctional storage unit that can be used in most environments; for spontaneous meetings, as seating furniture, room dividers or sound absorbers....

low office bookcase DECISO KINNARPS

Deciso was designed with the Scandinavian design tradition very much in mind. It is adapted for modern leadership...

4 products I 4 Mariani
I 4 Mariani CROSSING by Luca  Scacchetti 
low office bookcase CROSSING by Luca  Scacchetti  I 4 Mariani

  Crossing is a collection of tables, desks and low storage unit, that plays with the shapes, the volume and the  materials creating effects of extreme modernity and elegance. The central element is made with the top in  saddle leather or in wood, produced like a self‐continuous element, turning round and extending itself on  the sides. The compositions complete with extended volumes in wood equipped of doors and drawers or  with cubic supporting asymmetric pedestals for the desks.  A ...

I 4 Mariani BLADE by Matteo Nunziati
low office bookcase BLADE by Matteo Nunziati I 4 Mariani

The model BLADE is available in a many different combinations and finishing all using three main materials: – Saddle leather (final code CC). The saddle leather, belonging to the other finishing...

I 4 Mariani DE_SYMETRIA by Luca Scacchetti
low office bookcase DE_SYMETRIA by Luca Scacchetti I 4 Mariani

De Symetria designed by Luca Scacchetti is a collection inspired by serene repose. Consider images of a hammock looking upwards towards the top of umbrella pines, where their thin and naked...

I 4 Mariani SUMMIT by Guido Faleschini
low office bookcase SUMMIT by Guido Faleschini I 4 Mariani

Summit the desk, extensions and conference table top is a honeycomb fiberboard thickness 58 mm made with a solid beechwood frame, honeycomb carton thickness 35 mm and two black melamine coated panels...

CP Moebelsysteme ASISTO
low office bookcase ASISTO CP Moebelsysteme

The Asisto table range gives you a wide freedom of choice thanks to various options in the height adjustment. And with the practical occasional table, you can upgrade your Asisto to a sit/stand workstation...

CP Moebelsysteme SYMBIO
high office bookcase SYMBIO CP Moebelsysteme

A symbiosis of classic and modern. Furnishing with Symbio gives you the individual freedom you’re looking for. Refine your...

4 products Müller
new Müller STACK
office bookcase STACK Müller

Stylish sideboard, lightweight shelving or elegant room divider? It’s up to you! With Stack, you are the designer. Not only can you decide...

Müller RW 111
low office bookcase RW 111 Müller

On the way to our own line: Furniture from the Mobile Line is a flexible room mate and is a design object...

Müller SB 123 / SB 124
low office bookcase SB 123 / SB 124 Müller

The Classic Line models are an assured statement which goes beyond trends and fashion. They stand on their own merits, providing...

Müller U1
high office bookcase U1 Müller

Bringing good design to life - Unit works just as well as a single shelf...

Caimi Brevetti SpA BIG
office bookcase by Marc Sadler BIG Caimi Brevetti SpA

Conceived almost as an architectural component, Big is a metal bookcase that features...

Caimi Brevetti SpA SOCRATE PARETE by Caimi Lab
office bookcase SOCRATE PARETE by Caimi Lab Caimi Brevetti SpA

The special white colour used for the Big and Air systems is now available...

3 products TECNO
new TECNO VARA T503 by Luca Scacchetti
low office bookcase VARA T503 by Luca Scacchetti TECNO

Luca Scacchetti’s latest contribution to Tecno comes in the form of the Vara collection of desks, meeting tables and cabinets. The name is inspired by the ancient world and use of the carpenter’s...

TECNO SHIFT by Norman Foster
low office bookcase SHIFT by Norman Foster TECNO

The Shift collection, another collaboration between Tecno and the Foster+Partners design studio, is a new, formal, managerial and private furniture solution. The collection’s sleek, flowing lines...

office bookcase by Piero Lissoni CENTO TECNO

The artistic vision of Piero Lissoni, creator of the Asymmetrical collection, is also behind the design of the Cento system of storage cabinets, a unique range capable of...

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