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CrossRoads metal shelving and media display...


Compact, with modern and functional lines, the Visionary fruits display meets the accessibility requirements of small commercial spaces without forgetting the correct display of...


THE PART COMES TO YOU, RATHER THAN YOU CHASE THE PART. With a TITAN VERTICAL CARROUSEL, at the touch of a button (or better still, at the flash of a bar-code) the machine will move the appropriate shelf to the consulting bay and point to the appropriate bin or compartment with a light. This makes your operator more efficient (Access to parts in a matter of seconds) and makes your warehouse...

The TOWER Storage Lift is Storage Racking with a robot-driven carriage.
Between two storage volumes in tray-carrying racking
A carriage travels, extracting the trays
Bringing them to a workstation,
By the order of the operator, relayed by computer.



EPSIVOL vertical storage racks

Epsivol racks for vertical storage of long items

Racking designed for...

EPSILON office shelving

Epsilon shelving – the ultra-sleek solution for your office

Its ultra-sleek design and wide range of accessories make this the perfect office shelving.
No perforations on the front for a sleek finish.
Dimensions specifically tailored to your needs, depth of 388 mm for suspension files, special telescopic...

FLICLASS shelving for suspended files

A simple system available in various size combinations custom-designed to meet your specific requirements (mechanical parts, plastic bins, tools, etc.)

Quick and easy assembly without screws or bolts:...

FLIP tubular office shelving

A simple system available in various size combinations custom-designed to meet your specific requirements (mechanical parts, plastic bins, tools, etc.)

Quick and easy assembly...


The RAP shelving is an archive shelving allowing the hanging folder and box or file storage. It fits any archive room.


Archive shelving with tubular shelves, this tubular shelving allows to archive hanging folders, boxes or files. Its fits any kind...


Mobile trolley
Epoxy painted metal tube

Mobile trolley
Epoxy painted metal tube


Basic system of manual storage and archiving for light and medium loads. Made up of vertical structures and panels or horizontal shelves that permit the storage of sectionalized...

They adapt to a multitude of uses and applications of your warehouse, office, house. For any type of load that you need to store and keep perfectly organised, you always have a Metal...


Uprights. Open framework shelves, adjustable every 40 mm. Load - up to 175 kg/level....

Tubular shelves. Finish : epoxy or galvanised
Steel frames blue RAL 5019. Tubular shelves...

More esthetic : no cross braced back. Easy assembly with the stabilising beams. Double entry in depth 700

solid sides archive shelving prospace+
Frames with 2 uprights. Uprights...


Equipments for logistics is La Fortezzas original business sector and the company is now a leader in turn-key solutions for...


RMP metal shelves with racks are ideal solution for offices, archives, workshops and stores.

RMP metal shelving...


Functional and formally-structured shelving system with perfect internal

organisation. In front of the carcass are sliding door elements

at either full or split heights.

The shelving...

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