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contemporary footrest / garden - ASTA : 3820ME by Edi & Paolo Ciani

Asta, a breakthrough in outdoor furniture design with the freedom to change colours to suit...

contemporary pouf / stainless steel / garden - CLOUD : 6053V by Mark Gabbertas

Sitting on a Cloud provides the ultimate outdoor experience with new softer fabrics that are ideal for allowing your mind to drift away...

contemporary pouf / resin wicker / garden - HAVANA by Povl Eskildsen

Reassuringly familiar in styling, Havana shows how man-made wicker can...

traditional footrest / teak / garden - KINGSTON : 1911 by Povl Eskildsen

The clean, crisp appearance of the Kingston design is designed by its tactile, shaped arms and...

traditional footrest / garden - VICTORIA

This collection in manufactured from aluminium tubing and profiles and painted with powdered...

traditional footrest / garden - MALIBU

Manufactured from aluminium tubing and profiles and painted with powdered...

contemporary pouf / in wood / garden - FRA


contemporary footrest / in wood / garden - RIV


contemporary ottoman / garden - ARCHITECT

Architect is a stunning new design that blends form, function, and color. Architectural geometries and creative use of materials and technology serve as inspiration for this collection. The open frame design reinforces the theme of "less is more"...

contemporary pouf / garden - MINIMAL+ by Philip Bogaerts

The Minimal+ series represent simplicity and elegance, to fit in various interiors. The furniture can be used as stand alone or combined together to create a complete lounge area....

contemporary ottoman / garden - CHELSEA

Minimal in ornamentation, the transitional design of the CHELSEA...

traditional footrest / garden - ST TROPEZ

Our ST. TROPEZ line combines a solid teak frame with sleek, weather resistant aluminum hardware and durable Phifertex® fabric. The...

contemporary footrest / garden - CARMEL

Our CARMEL deep seating group is made from the finest all-weather fiber and has the authentic...

traditional ottoman / garden - SAG HARBOR

Hand-crafted from the finest all-weather materials, our SAG HARBOR deep seating ottoman is a beautiful addition to any natural setting....

traditional ottoman / garden - SAG HARBOR

This ottoman is designed to fit flawlessly with the 4-slat standard...

contemporary footrest / plastic / garden / recycled - LOTUS

An Ottoman is an Ottoman is an Ottoman, right? Well, not unless it is the Lotus Ottoman which works brilliantly...

contemporary footrest / plastic / garden / recycled - NO.9 by T.J. Thomas & Audra Bielskus

The No.9 Collection is made from 100% post-consumer waste and manufactured by Loll in Duluth,...

contemporary pouf / cement / garden - CLAP.1

CLAPS, stones to sit, the search for a natural simplicity.

The term "claps" in Friuli is used to mean "stones", the smooth white stones of the grave Friulane, hence the decision to call this series of sessions: CLAPS.
Essential and poetic volumes.


contemporary pouf / cement / garden - CLAP.2 - CLAP.3

CLAPS, stones to sit, the research for a natural simplicity.

The term "claps" in Friuli is used to mean "stones", the smooth white stones of the grave Friulane, hence the decision to call this series of sessions: CLAPS.
Essential and poetic volumes.


contemporary pouf / cement / garden - LAND.2 by Mammini Candido

A collection of outdoor cement seats shaped so as to be in harmony with the sorroundings.
The lines of the landscape become objects.
Let open...

contemporary ottoman / garden - MODÌ by Moredesign

MODÌ comes to be with the will to interpret space insideand outside the house.
It features...

contemporary footrest / garden - CORAIL by Hans Daalder

CORAILs array of colours provides the palette to experiment to your
hearts content. Simply mix and match to create the combination that
reflects your personal style. Liven things up with a mixture of different

contemporary pouf / garden - ILLA

Sofa 225x137x40h - Pouf 100x100x40h
High density polyurethane...

contemporary pouf / garden - PAU by Ronan Rlsselin

Relax and design, indoor-outdoor, the perfect mix. Choose the number

contemporary ottoman / garden - PLAY by Francesco Rota

Internal padding in polystyrene spheres. Removable cover:...

contemporary pouf / garden - AFRA 02 by Francesco Rota

The series elements have removable cover made with a Rope cord in one solid colour or in a two-colour combination or with an Aquatech...

contemporary pouf / garden - TANDEM : EM3TOM

90 x 90 x 31 cm
Lacquered aluminim...

contemporary ottoman / garden - KAMA : EM5POF by Benjamin Ferriol

85 x 50 x 37 cm
Lacquered aluminim frame (22 colors)

contemporary pouf / garden - KUBE : EM9KUB

3 cushions - 1 structure/table
Cushions : assembly of foams

contemporary pouf / garden - WALLIS

Tight, boxed seat for exterior...

contemporary pouf / garden - BIG CUT

Combined with the other elements of the "Big Cut family" it can serve as a comfortable...

contemporary pouf / garden - SUMMER LOUNGE by Erich Wimberger

SUMMER LOUNGE an architecturally attractive Summer...

contemporary pouf / garden - ROXY by Erich Wimberger

ROXY – clean lines and compact proportions. The models made from flat, precision-ground...

contemporary pouf / garden - NEW CLASSIC by Florian Viererbl

NEW CLASSIC – soft shapes and a touch of modern romance made from powdercoated round...

contemporary pouf / garden - HAPPY by Erich Wimberger

HAPPY is a modular, puristic full cushion
uncomplicated, maintenance-free...

contemporary pouf / resin wicker / garden - FLORIDA EDEN ROC by Erich Wimberger

The sun distributes generously flying spots and shadow cones. A perfect hour for the...

contemporary pouf / composite material / garden / for public buildings - STAMSKIN ZEN

100% Stamskin, 100% new!
Offering the renowned advantages of Stamskin coverings, our new Stasmkin Zen range is totally innovative through 3 major characteristics:

New design New aspect
Even more effective surface treatment
Compliance with the most...

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