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contemporary pouf / composite material / garden / for public buildings - STAMSKIN ZEN

100% Stamskin, 100% new!
Offering the renowned advantages of Stamskin coverings, our new Stasmkin Zen range is totally innovative through 3 major characteristics:

New design New aspect
Even more effective surface treatment
Compliance with the most...

contemporary pouf / garden - 45 by Miguel Angel Garcia

Comfort and adaptation to space in 100% aluminum....

contemporary ottoman / garden - LUNCH by Miguel Angel García

Lunch is a collection designed for the current...

contemporary footrest / garden - AVANA by A. T. Montero & P. G. Caldéron

Avana collection is made using quality and durable materials....

contemporary pouf / garden - SAKURA by Mark Robson

- aluminium lacquered frame TT*
- Hydropass®*** TT*: a supple 3D thick textile frame in polyester fibres, and a honeycomb mesh which is added to this network
- optional:...

contemporary footrest / garden - KOCOON by Daniel Pouzet

Stable and generous
The stable, non-degradable Kocoon Collection brings sensations of warmth and comfort, with a dining chair, a lounge armchair with footrest, matching tables, a loveseat...

contemporary pouf / garden - OSKAR by Eric Carrère

- micro-sand blasted and satin anodized aluminium TT* (anodising, is an electrolytic passivation process used to
increase wear and corrosion resistance of the aluminium...

traditional ottoman / garden - KROSS

- chromed and lacquered forged or moulded

contemporary pouf / luminous / garden - GIÒ by Giò Colonna Romano

Giò Pouf is the iconic SLIDE sofa designed by Giò Colonna Romano. Its round shape allows...

contemporary pouf / organic design / garden - NEOLIVINGSTONES

Nomadic exteriors furnishings, intimate and surprising.
Huge pebbles comfortable and...

contemporary pouf / resin wicker / garden - NEW YORK

The Basic collection has been conceived to fit in every kind of setting and to grant the wishes of the most...

contemporary ottoman / resin wicker / garden - HARDY by Atelier Créatif

Hardy is a collection that takes over from the age-old basket weaving...

contemporary footrest / garden - RIVAGE

This is the brand's oldest collection. First appearing 25 years ago, it...

contemporary footrest / teak / garden - MISSION

The Mission style of furniture comprises simple horizontal and vertical lines with flat areas to emphasise the grain...

contemporary ottoman / resin wicker / garden - KIRAR BY Laura Kirar

This outdoor ottoman will brighten up your garden, patio or conservatory. Deep contrasting colours team with a cosy...

contemporary footrest / garden - SAVANNAH

This distinctive colonial-style ottoman is made from synthetic wicker, so it is suitable...

contemporary footrest / garden - ADIRONDACK

Originating deep in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State, this classic range of furniture has become Americas...

contemporary ottoman / garden - DEAUVILLE

Sizes (cm) Width: 53.00
Seat height: 42.00
Depth: 56.00
Upholstery Lloyd Loom weave
Glides Nylon glides
Frame Painted...

contemporary pouf / garden - JUMBO by Fabrice Koukoui


45.00 ft


45.00 ft



contemporary ottoman / resin wicker / garden - GENESIS

Aluminum structure, weaving in synthetic fiber.
Genesis is...

contemporary pouf / resin wicker / garden - MOLECOLE

Aluminum structure, weaving in synthetic fiber.
The Molecole collection....

contemporary ottoman / garden - PIER

Pier is A new transitional collection which blends a classic look with modern features, yielding a style that is light and that makes it uniquely suitable for various settings; both for indoors or outdoors, residential...

contemporary ottoman / garden - CLOVELLY

Indoor style meets outdoor durability as Clovelly seamlessly blurs the lines between a fashion that was once impossible in outdoor furniture.

A high style, low maintenance collection for the ultra contemporary...

contemporary ottoman / garden - PIANO

A fun and playful collection to suit the lifestyle you live.

Designed for the young at heart, aluminium...

contemporary ottoman / garden - BALMORAL

A sofa with 12 different possible section configurations and a vast array of colour options. Balmoral offers users utmost versatility where a removable cushion cover system...

contemporary footrest / garden - BREEZE

A range that allows unhindered views for those with an unhindered lifestyle. Contemporary and sleek, Breeze...

contemporary pouf / garden - ARUGA : 915+916+912 by Ferran Serra

Aruga is a Zander fabric upholstery sofa collection on a Okume wood Plywood and...

contemporary footrest / garden - ARUGA 910 by Ferran Serra

Aruga is a Zander fabric upholstery sofa collection on a Okume wood Plywood and...

contemporary footrest / garden - TRAMA 123 by Serraydelarocha

You are reading a book and are completely...

contemporary footrest / garden - TRAMA 127 by Serraydelarocha

You are reading a book and are completely...

contemporary pouf / garden - ASAMI by Guerini & Vemocchi

Sofas with a methacrylate structure and special padding. Carefully...

contemporary pouf / foam / polyamide / garden - OASE by Tom De Vrieze

Oase is an outdoor furniture concept

The name oase (oasis) automatically conjures up images of desert dunes with a secluded pond surrounded by greenery, a place where nomads relax during...

traditional footrest / garden - A3

A3 is a recliner to enjoy in green...

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