Surface preparation...

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painted paint remover - H&C® CLEANER DEGREASER

H&C® Cleaner Degreaser removes grease and oil...

interior coating / for masonry - PREPRITE® BLOCK

Effective on above grade and...

coating - K29

Water based paste made from sand, pigments charges and special binders details that give the product hardness...

coating - STUCCO LIGHT

Filler for walls composed of a paste that is suitable for filling holes and cracks for indoor walls. It...

coating - STUCCOCAP

Paste filler for indoor use to be used on plaster and has a...

coating - JOLLI

Powdered filler for indoor use composed of gypsum which is used...

wood paint remover - FLOOD® STRIPPER

Removes latex, oil, semi-transparent and solid stains to prepare wood for a new finish
Ideal for exterior wood decks,...

wood paint remover - FLOOD® CLEANER

Cleans, brightens and prepares new or previously stained wood for a finish
Removes gray and restores wood to a "like new" appearance
Ideal for exterior wood...



Cleans and brightens cedar and redwood
Removes dirt and mildew stains from all wood types, including...

wood paint remover - OLYMPIC® PREMIUM

Stain Stripper

Ready to use
Removes oil-based and water-based coatings —...


Deck Care Sprayer

Durable two gallon tank and extra wide mouth for easy filling and emptying
32” extended wand reduces bending and...


Alkali resistant
Fills pores...

coating - MASON COTE

100% acrylic
Interior/ exterior


Clean Extreme Scrubbable Matt provides a true matt finish with the durability and longevity that allows...

paint remover - TIMONOX GRAFFITI

Allows repeated removal of unsightly graffiti without compromising the system. It offers a solution to...

coating - CRACK SEAL

Asian Paints SmartCare Crack seal is a single pack fiber-glass reinforced crack filler compound for both interior and exterior surfaces. It comes in a ready to apply white colored paste.
Areas of application

Cracks on all interior and exterior absorbent surfaces.

smoothing coating - PLAMUR TU

Biodegradable, non toxic, wood paint remover. Effectively eliminates paints and varnished . Special for
wood. Does not harm,...

smoothing coating - PLASMONT RENOVACIÓN PLUS

Powder filler to smooth textured surfaces without any waist. Anchors on plastic paints. Excellent wet-onwet
adhesion. Can be applied in very thick coats. Excellent filling properties.

smoothing coating - PLASMONT MULTIUSO

Universal powder filler suitable both for smoothing large defects or small imperfections. Easy application.
Excellent witheness and adherence. Good sanding. When painted, the filled...

smoothing coating - PLASMONT AL USO RENOVACIÓN

Ready to use filler, for smoothing without waste textured surfaces. Anchors on plastic paints. Saves time, as
it is possible to apply two coats without waiting for the previous one to dry completely....


Ready to use standard fi ller suitable for spraying to project ever Gottele of over textured paints or baseds
that require fi lling properties. May also be applied in thin coats for sanding. Easy to use, minimum wastage,

paint remover - STAIN STRIPPER

Removes buildup of old solid color or semi-transparent stains for a fresh, new look.
Why you'll love this product


paint remover - MILDEW CHECK®

This product is specially formulated to clean exterior surfaces containing mold, mildew, algae, and surface...

wood paint remover - DECK CLEANER

Brightens and restores exterior wood surfaces without scrubbing.
Why you'll love...


General description

Product indicated for the regularisation of vertical surfaces with plastic or paint coatings (except for silicates or polyurethanes), concrete, stuccoed walls or mortar or ceramic plastering.
Features and applications

Product ready...

paint remover - ANTISALMOR

General description

ANTISALMOR is a water-based product for removing and preventing the appearance of efflorescence caused by saltpeter on typical construction site facings, such as mortar, concrete, brick, fiber cement, natural stone, etc...


paint remover - DESMOR

General description

For removing cement, glue, plaster, paint and cement-based stucco when cleaning claddings and ceramic floorings.

Product made of strong acids diluted at the appropriate concentration.
Instructions for use

It can be...

smoothing coating - ENDUIT DE PONTAGE

Polyvalent wall covering:
- corrects irregular surfaces (flaking areas, uneven construction surfaces,...

smoothing coating - ENDUIT GRAS GERARD

Thin short soft paste holds perfectly to knife.
Spreads without rolling and thins out...

paint remover - IDROSVERNICIATORE H315

Acrylic resin, titanium dioxide, selected mineral aggregates


paint remover - SX 5911

It is a broad spectrum sanitizing solution for walls


paint remover - SX 110-22

It's a disinfectant additive for paints to prevent forming of micro-organisms,...

smoothing coating - INTONAL

Based on selected silica sands, a thermoplastic binder reinforced with resistant fibres and special...

smoothing coating - RASAL

Based on a highly elastic thermoplastic binder, quartz and siliceous sands with a specific granulometric curve and...

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