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A self-actuating thermostatic domestic hot water mixing valve acts as a central mixing unit and ensures a constant mixed water temperature at the point of withdrawal. Scalding at the point of withdrawal is thereby avoided even at high tank temperatures. Special valve seals at the control piston reduce unwanted admixtures to a minimum*, resulting in maximum utilisation of the tank temperature....

heat exchanger for swimming pools - VITOTRANS 200

Heat exchanger for swimming pool water...

heat exchanger for swimming pools - ITEX

Range :
12 models available
Liquid flow rates: up to 800 m³/h
Temperatures: up to 200°C
Pressure: up to 25 bar

Operating range :

heat exchanger for swimming pools - ITEX POOL+

Range :
Available in 12 standard models; may be customised
Pool water flow rates: up to 85 m³/h
Temperatures: up to 100°C

electric pool heater - FP

Range :
Seven models available

Operating range :
Capacity: 2 to 900 kW
Use : This multitube heat exchanger...

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