Photovoltaics: various equipment

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Cast resin power transformers for distribution networks...

Oil power transformers for distribution...


Trasfo Project single-phase transformers are designed and
made with top quality materials such as very thin low loss
laminations with high magnetic permeability, electrolytic
conductors made of copper wire and cord (for the lower power
ratings) or aluminium strips, insulators with high dielectric and
thermal properties (classes F and H), vacuum-impregnation
with epoxy...

The three-phase transformer produced by Trasfo Project is
designed and made with top quality low loss materials and
with various structures for the magnetic cores depending
on the Customers technical speci cations (laminations
with interwoven junctions at 90° and 45°, cores with planed
junctions, with gap, etc.).
Di erent types of protection can be supplied...

Strong current three-hexaphase dry
transformers with 2 secondaries and
opposed Y- connection for the recti ers
of galvanic...

TRASFO-PROJECT is structured also for the manufacturing of some units used for the use on special equipments:

Transformers B.T. /...


WAAREE Street Lighting system is a device that operates using the Light energy available from the sun to provide lighting...


SPB-LS is a charge regulator for the charge of batteries from PV module; it
has been specially designed for the use in off-grid PV lighting systems (PV
street-lamp). The charge controller code SPB-LS is housed inside a metal
box that is protected from water (IP66 degree); therefore it can be installed
directly on the PV pole without...

SPB-LS/BT is a charge regulator for PV off-grid lighting systems with remote control
that uses a wireless standard Bluetooth radio interface.
Thanks to its IP66 metal box, SPB-LS/BT is indicated for outdoor applications.
It is used in PV lighting...

SPC07-P is a charge regulator for 12Vdc PV applications. It is able to manage
the recharge of Pb batteries and two different DC loads of max 7A total current,
with eleven different configurations. Light sensor detection is made by the
The recharge algorithm is PWM - Mosfet with voltage compensated in
temperature: through...

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