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original design sofa / by Naoto Fukasawa - LOVE PAPILIO


original design sofa / by Zaha Hadid - MOON SYSTEM


original design sofa / by Paola Navone - GHOSTFIELD

Poltrona Frau exposes itself and reveals the soul of one of its icons. Chester, straight from the historical archives, the year 1912. Armchair...

modular sofa / original design - DS-600 by Ueli Berger, Elenora Peduzzi-Riva, Heinz Ulrich, Klaus Vogt

A multifunctional element range. You can zip a number of the same element together...

original design sofa - KOOCHY

Steel frame.
Self-extinguishing polyurethane...

original design sofa / by Konstantin Grcic - ODIN

When you stand in front of this sofa, it appears to welcome you with open arms. When you sit on it, the high armrests appear to embrace you protectively. Odin is an island...

original design sofa - GRAND PLIÉ by Ludovica & Roberto Palomba

An outdoor sofa but designed for the old aged and very noble art of conversation. In this sofa everyone can find his ideal depth of seating position and posture: more composed...

original design sofa - MY BEAUTIFUL BACKSIDE by Nipa Doshi Jonathan Levien

Structure Frame in wood upholstered with stress-resistant polyurethane
foam with differentiated densities and polyester fibre . Backs in
injected flame-retardant foam and...

original design sofa / by Patricia Urquiola - RIFT

Structure Compositions: Stress-resistant flame-retardant polyurethane foam
with differentiated densities and polyester fibre on wood frame . Feet
in polypropylene screwed to the...

original design sofa / by Patricia Urquiola - SMOCK

Structure Injected flame-retardant foam over internal steel frame .
Arms in steel upholstered in leather, same version as armchair or on
Rotary base in varnished...

original design sofa / by Ron Arad - VICTORIA AND ALBERT

Fibreglass reinforced with support in steel upholstered in stress-resistant polyurethane foam with differentiated...

modular sofa / original design / by Ron Arad - DO-LO-REZ

Structure Base in painted plywood . Feet in polypropylene . Seating

original design sofa - LES CONTEMPORAINS : BUBBLE by Sacha Lakic

94.5*1 x 31,9'h x 45.7'd. upholstered in Techno 3D
fabric (exclusive to Roche...

original design sofa - SOFA4MANHATTAN by Lera Moiseeva & Joe Graceffa

The main structure is in steel and wood protected by a leather inner cover, which provides strength and allows...

original design sofa - CHAT by Hiromichi Konno

A RELAXING SCULPTURE. CHAT is designed to provide the perfect setting for people to...

original design sofa - PIERCE

Sensual and sculptural
PIERCE is made from a vision about combining sensual and sculptural...

modular sofa / original design - GRAND PRIX by Format

A different kind of rocking chair
The decorative GRAND PRIX rocking chair is one of a kind. The...

original design sofa - CHARMING by Arc en ciel

Charming, in a dictionary of synonyms, means:

fascinating, loveable, bewitching,

modular sofa / original design - SOSIA by Emanuele Magini

Two armchairs become a sofa easily convertible into...

original design sofa - CACTUS by Maurizio Galante

Sofa with blockboard base, filler in high density structural polyurethane foam with...

original design sofa - ANGELS by Francesco Binfaré

Organically shaped padded seating, reminiscent of spineless bodies. With their irregular outline and deliberate asymmetry....

original design sofa / by Fernando & Humberto Campana - ASTER PAPPOSUS

Two identical polyurethane and feather-filled...

original design sofa / by Fernando & Humberto Campana - BOA

Softly woven. it resembles a large nest that also holds many people - lying down, sitting or curled up...

original design sofa / by Fernando & Humberto Campana - CIPRIA

Is a deliberately iconic piece. The settee has 9 cushions fixed...

original design sofa / leather - FLAP by Francesco Binfaré

An original type of upholstered item with new profi
le and new functions. The sleek shape of the
upholstered base has parts that tilt at various
angles to become backs and rests...

original design sofa - ELOISA by Tobia Scarpa

The bearing frame of the base is made of calendered metal profile and warm painted. The padded backs are made with a bearing frame in steel...

original design sofa / by Mario Bellini - VIA LATTEA

The magic ?Stardust? created in 2007 for Meritalia returns in the pure white and diaphanous fabric named ?Via Lattea?: evolution of the range of padded furniture, again literally filled with...

original design sofa - SCUBA by Brodie Neill

Scuba is a super sleek model of monocoque technology, finished entirely...

original design sofa - HOT DOG

Have a seat, lie down, open and close the arms, but above all, be proud of your daring! This is the concept behind the Hot Dog.
The sofa and chair designed by Karim Rashid for Domodinamica. The name is derived...

original design sofa - EVO™

72" (L) X 34.5" (W) X 30" (H) / 182,9 L X 87,6 W X 76,2 H
The EVO™ sofa is a modular seating concept with components...

original design sofa - XO™

96" (L) x 31" (W) x 24" (H) / 243,8 L x 78,7 W x 61 H

The XO™ sofa is a 2-seater concept blending...

original design sofa / by Jean Marie Massaud - AIRBERG

Airberg by Jean-Marie Massaud is an innovative piece of furniture that breaks with conventions. The inspiration behind the form of Airberg is a combination of a comfortable, inviting piece of seating furniture and an iceberg filled with vacuum....

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