Half turn floating staircases

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half-turn staircase / hanging / wood - AIRA

Aira is the new cantilevered stair designed by Rintal that enhances the space thanks to the perfect balance among materials, shape and an almost imperceptible physicality.

The steps, available in various essences and shades, are fixed directly into the wall by means of a Rintals patent anchoring system that combines solidity and...

half-turn staircase / hanging / wood - PASSEPARTOUT


PASSEPARTOUT the innovative stair designed by Rintal as the perfect alternative to the spiral stair.

PASSEPARTOUT combines indeed the simplicity of the spiral stair to the comfort of the open stair, creating...

half-turn staircase / hanging / glass - GLASS

The glass that forms the step is toughened and laminated with a thickness of 32 mm (3 layers of toughened glass 10 mm each and 2 films of 0.6 mm PVB between them) and the finish can be extra-light, float, satinised, soured...

half-turn staircase / hanging / stainless steel and steps / glass frame - STAINLESS STEEL

Wooden cantilever staircase plated with stainless steel composed of beech wood steps plated with a 2 mm satinised stainless steel plate with no...

half-turn staircase / hanging / wood - RESIN COATED

The resin-coated wooden cantilever staircase comprises beech wood steps coated with resin in any colour to the customer’s sample...

half-turn staircase / hanging / wood - CLOSED WOODEN

The wooden steps of the stainless steel-wood cantilever staircase come in various types of wood (Beech, Oak, Doussie, Wenge, Teak, Iroko) and with several finishes (oil, bleached, polyurethane varnishes, etc). The thickness of the step and riser...

half-turn staircase / hanging / glass - EXCELLENCE : SWING LIGHT

Stratified tempered crystal steps thickness mm.8+10+8...

half-turn staircase / hanging - PARIGI

The floating treads are attached on one side directly to the wall with different architectural possibilities...

half-turn staircase / hanging - MISTRAL 1/2 TURN

The Mistral Design is also available in Acryl glass which is an advantage in some cases. Acryl is eayer to handle and little cheaper than glass. The Mistral design can be delivered in glass as well.
The staircase connects “living”- spaces – in your traditional frame house, your representative villa...

half-turn staircase / hanging / glass - GHOST

cantilevered staircase...

half-turn staircase / hanging / glass - MISTRAL ACRYL

Floating stair by Siller.

Mistral Acrylic staircases or glass staircases. Same can be made with glass steps as well.

Visit us on www.sillertreppen.com for more floating staircase options.

Exclusive stair design and top quality are the trademarks of Siller stairs.
Siller stairs produces stairs to measure: wooden stairs, stairs made of stainless steel...

half-turn staircase / hanging / glass - MISTRAL

Structural glass stairs are one of our specialties. In 1995 Christian Siller built his first glass staircase with a structural glass railing. At this time no one ever thought that the architectural glass in the stair industry would become so popular.

Since then lots has changed.


half-turn staircase / hanging / wood - SEVILLA LIGHT

Steps/Treads: Wood, Stone

Banister: Stainless steel

Technical details:
• Landings
• Floating stairs
• straight, 1/4 or 1/2...

open staircase / half-turn / hanging / wood - PHANTOM by Martin Battig

Battig Design manufactures floating staircases. Battig sells in the province of Quebec, mostly...

half-turn staircase / hanging / wood - GLAM H12

Modular interior staircase made of solid beech wood (finger joint), no structure.


half-turn staircase / hanging / wood - HARTLEY WOOD

The simple lines through the glass balustrades give this staircase character as it rises from the open-plan ground floor of this stunning family home.
To achieve...

half-turn staircase / hanging / wood - TURLEY CORNER

This type of cantilever staircase is adaptable for many environments. The secret to this staircases success is the hidden cantilever metalwork frame; CANAL has the experience of constructing...

half-turn staircase / hanging / wood - MAGNOLIA BARN RD 02

Height 13 rise
Width 800mm
Materials Glass & Oak


half-turn staircase / hanging - GOMERA TOP MARBLE

Open staircase with steel structure,...

half-turn staircase / hanging / glass - SKYSTEP

Trescalini -Skystep Gravity glass staircases. Tempered glass frame, stairs and railing, stainless steel fixation pieces.

The Gravity is a straight, quarter or half turn staircases caracterized by a stainless steel fixation system on the wall side and a glass or plexiglass...

half-turn staircase / hanging / glass - LIBERTY

Trescalini - Straight staircases Liberty stainless steel and glass :

Details :
. wall-hung...

half-turn staircase / hanging / glass - SKYSTEP VERRE CLAIR

Trescalini -Skystep Gravity extra clear glass staircases. Extra clear tempered glass frame, stairs and railing, stainless steel fixation pieces.

The Gravity is a straight, quarter or half turn staircases caracterized by a stainless steel fixation system on the wall side and...

half-turn staircase / hanging / stainless steel and steps / glass frame - MANHATTAN

Trescalini - Stainless steel staircases Manhattan. Polished stainless steel frame, stairs and railing.

The Manhattan is a free standing straight, quarter or half turn staircases caracterized...

half-turn staircase / hanging / glass - ELITE INOX VERRE

Elite half turn staircase with glass steps and brushed stainless steel structure, railing in glass and also stainless steel railing and structure

The Elite staircases by Trescalini fits to all yur...

half-turn staircase / hanging - SOLITAIRE

This design staircase adapts itself to your construction possiilities! The Solitaire is a completely anodised aluminium...

half-turn staircase / hanging - SOUTH LODGE

This crisp elegant staircase was designed by Demax for the client of this thoroughly modern home. We have since developed and...

half-turn staircase / hanging / wood - NEVILLE AVENUE

This modern staircase is a subtle slant on...

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