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3 products VIMEC
lifting platform for the disabled S10 VIMEC

The home can only be enjoyed in full when it is completely comfortable. Vimec can help you overcome minor level differences between floors in the home or ensure easy...

lifting platform for the disabled STEPPY VIMEC

Platform lift The versatile, simple, safe platform lift for differently-able access The Steppy platform lift is the ideal way of assuring access to: Homes and residential buildings; Business premises...

vertical lifting platform SILVER VIMEC

Trouble-free access, with the best standards of safety and reliability The Silver platform lift is the ideal way of assuring the ACCESSIBILITY of: Private premises (banks, restaurants, shops, offices...

3 products Garaventa
video Garaventa GSL ARTIRA
inclined lifting platform for the disabled GSL ARTIRA Garaventa

The Artira inclined platform wheelchair lift is a safe and reliable way to travel between floors for passengers in wheelchairs and those with limited mobility. This wheelchair lift fits easily in to...

video Garaventa XPRESS II
inclined lifting platform for the disabled XPRESS II Garaventa

The Garaventa Lift Xpress II inclined platform wheelchair lift is designed to provide economical access between two landings. The platform travels...

video Garaventa X3-R
inclined lifting platform for the disabled X3-R Garaventa

Accessibility Simplified! Wheelchair lift for residential or commercial applications! The X3 is a simple and robust inclined platform lift...

1 products Garaventa Lift
Garaventa Lift OPAL
lifting platform for the disabled OPAL Garaventa Lift

OPAL: A BIG SOLUTION FOR LITTLE DISTANCES. OPAL is the vertical lifting platform by Garaventa for distances till 2 meters. This durable and easy-to-use lift is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications...

video Bruno Independent Living Aids VPL-3100
lifting platform for the disabled VPL-3100 Bruno Independent Living Aids

Sometimes called a porch lift, Brunos rugged and reliable wheelchair lift is a residential lift that provides efficient access to a raised deck, porch, or even floor to floor access inside your home....

video Bruno Independent Living Aids VPL-3300B
lifting platform for the disabled VPL-3300B Bruno Independent Living Aids

The Unenclosed Commercial Vertical Platform Lift may be the Perfect Solution for your Church, School or Business Sometimes all you need to conquer is...

1 products Handi-Ramp
video Handi-Ramp MOBILIFT CX
lifting platform for the disabled MOBILIFT CX Handi-Ramp

Handi-Ramp’s portable stage lift is a multipurpose, portable, vertical platform lifting device that provides access to school stages, outdoor bleachers, and elevated platforms for persons who use wheelchairs,...

3 products Digi Project
new video Digi Project PANDAPOOL
lifting platform for public pools PANDAPOOL Digi Project

POWERED PORTABLE PANDAPOOL LIFT: AVANTGARD TECHNOLOGY The latest product created by DiGi Project:it...

video Digi Project BLUONE
lifting platform for public pools BLUONE Digi Project

THE PORTABLE POOL LIFT BLUONE is an innovative, fast, safe and comfortable device to transport disabled persons or persons with limited motor capabilities. FAST : it does not need...

video Digi Project F100
lifting platform for public pools F100 Digi Project

Specifications Max. lifting capacity: 140kg Max arm travel: 1150mm-250mm Time of...

vertical lifting platform PASSENGER GRUPPO MILLEPIANI

The sine qua non of this type of lift is that it must be able to be controlled in absolute safety by anyone; the elimination of the internal door, the infra-red barrier and the automatic door-openers...

3 products Extrema srl
video Extrema srl SLIM
inclined lifting platform for the disabled SLIM Extrema srl

SLIM is an inclined platform lift for staircases with curves especially suitable for installation in tight spaces. Unlike the other products on the market, SLIM has no traction unit onboard, minimising...

video Extrema srl LOGIC
inclined lifting platform for the disabled LOGIC Extrema srl

LOGIC is an inclined passenger platform lift specifically developed for straight staircases. The use of anodised aluminium rails, the airtight wiring and the special painted finish make LOGIC suitable...

video Extrema srl SIRIO
vertical lifting platform SIRIO Extrema srl

SIRIO is a vertical passenger platform lift, ideal for providing unrestricted access within homes built on more than one floor. SIRIO can be installed either on a supporting wall, by means of special...

1 products Arealift Srl
video Arealift Srl
vertical lifting platform Arealift Srl

Public places, shops, schools… they all need a solution to overcome architectural barriers for seniors, the handicapped and people with limited mobility. The...

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