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contemporary display case - 505 by Nicola Gallizia

505 is a carrier shoulder system with an extensive range of modular furnishings in 7 widths, 3 depths and 9 heights, designed to house books and a television. The finishes, matt...

contemporary display case - 45° by Ron Gilad

A showcase designed to display and contain precious objects and books. Geometrically rotating surfaces that...

contemporary display case / in wood - ACQUARIO by Piero Lissoni

Ideal both for the home as well as for the most elegant shops, Acquario is the new central drawer unit, perfect...

contemporary display case / in wood - CARVA

Solid natural oak

CARVAs single units stand for...

contemporary display case / in wood - ELEA II

Solid structured beech

If an object is worth looking close scrutiny,...

contemporary china cabinet - ENCADO II

Natural oak, high-gloss grey lacquer


contemporary display case - ENCADO II

White lacquer

Fall in love with...

contemporary display case - MENTO

Grey lacquer, core walnut

MENTO is a compact living room range that includes nu-

contemporary display case / glass - MILO DAY by Ilaria Marelli

Showcase in curved transparent or Black95 (NERO95) glass 8 mm-thick, door in 6 mm-thick transparent glass...

contemporary display case / glass - PALLADIO by Vittorio Livi

Wired showcase in 6 mm-thick curved glass, with four 6 mm-thick fix-positioned glass shelves, Wooden base matt black lacquered, cherrywood/...

contemporary display case / glass - PALLADIO UNO by Vittorio Livi

Wired showcase in 6 mm-thick curved glass, with three 8 mm-thick fix-positioned glass shelves. Wooden base matt...

contemporary display case / by Christophe Pillet - GALERIST

The name encapsulates a way of displaying objects in a space: a display cabinet that arises from a classic motif and that reinvents itself in order to become decor that is...

contemporary display case - ULTRA PLUS by Thomas Althaus

With ULTRAPLUS the designer Thomas Althaus created a high-quality programme in straightly distinct, international design. The slender, horizontally proportioned single elements are low units, sideboards and high units...

contemporary display case / lacquered - COLLECT by Rolf Heide and Peter Kräling

Anyone wishing to live expansively and surrounded by attractive objects needs

contemporary display case / by Werner Aisslinger - CUBE GAP

You shouldnt only store beautiful, fine objects properly but you should...

contemporary display case - CHARME

Clear glass showcase with chromed feet. Top and bottom...

contemporary display case - MINI DECOR by Cà Nova Design

Clear glass showcase with top and bottom in beech,...

contemporary display case - OPEN WIND

Open showcase in clear...

contemporary display case - SHIELD

Clear glass showcase with top and...

contemporary display case - WIND

Clear glass showcase with curved...

contemporary display case - EDITION

Simply incomparable: All the good ideas from 30 years of building libraries come together in the...

contemporary display case - STATION

STATION model display cabinet, glass on all 4 sides. Wooden base.
STATION is a sleek display cabinet that invites...

contemporary display case / by Marcel Breuer  - S40

Ash veneer, black and

contemporary display case / in wood - '900 SCACCHI : 6277 by MAAM

Showcase made of cherry wood with 2 glass doors with...

contemporary display case / in wood - '900 SCACCHI : 6277 by MAAM

If now! elements are soloists among the now! furniture,then this glass cabinet is certainly the solo entertainer within...

contemporary display case / lacquered - TIME

Two of now! times characteristic C-doors make a largewindow...

contemporary china cabinet - TIME

This shelving unit combines the space and the balancedappearance...

contemporary display case / glass - TOWER

Extraclear crystal cabinet or black...

contemporary display case - TANGO

TANGO - Showcase with base and top in oak dyed

Showcase with base and...

contemporary display case - SAMBA

SAMBA - Showcase with base and top in oak dyed

Showcase with base and...

contemporary display case - LEONARD by Andrea Fogli

makassar ebony veneered
glass doors - lock with key

contemporary china cabinet - COMMUNICATING

Framework Aluminium Silver

contemporary china cabinet - ORGANIZING

Framework Aluminium silver

contemporary china cabinet - GOLD X2

Framework Aluminium black

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