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contemporary table / wood / extending - OPERA JR-T706 by Jean-Pierre Audebert

Design dream

The JORI designers have found an answer to the increasing demand for light and fashionable tables; namely Opera. The invisible extension mechanism, seamless tabletop and ease of operation make Opera a dream of pure design. Whats...

contemporary table / wood / extending - RIALTO JR-T708 by Jean-Pierre Audebert

Inspired by a supernatural light­ness, designer Jean-Pierre Audebert dreamed of a table that seems to float. The Rialto dining table has a wonderful optical effect created by the ingenious combination of the smooth tabletop and the organically sculpted legs, with a discrete decorative element. In addition this table accommodates every­ones special...

contemporary table / extending - AXIDA

Officially AXIDA belongs to the purist genre of tables, which is exactly what makes it so appealing. Nothing is out of place where this table concerned. Everything about it can be traced back to its archetype. Even so, there is still an element of surprise...

contemporary table / extending - SNOW by Martin Ballendat

If you have more guests than expected turning up, it is then that SNOW comes into its own. In a few easy steps the extension is folded out of the frame...

contemporary table / wood / extending - VEGAS

For VEGAS the materials used are everything: Here you come across massive timber slats resting on a cold metal structure glued to the table plate. VEGAS comes in two variations. In the four-legged version the steel legs have been meticulously designed to meld with the table plate, which becomes apparent from a side profile. There is also a version designed with a supporting runner, but...

contemporary table / extending - VIVRE LARGO by Minimal Design

A solid wood table will show signs of use over the years. That gives it extra character. The aluminium strip under the leaf lends Vivre an extra-robust appearance,...

contemporary table / wood / extending - '900 SCACCHI: 5771

Extendable table made of cherry wood with fine...

contemporary table / wood / extending - '900 SCACCHI: 5771/NOCE

extendible table made of walnut with top with prestigious chequered...

contemporary table / wood / extending - '900 FLAMINIA : 5799

Extendable table made of cherry wood, veneered...

contemporary table / folding - MY PONY by Bruno Rainaldi

Universal foldable trestle in painted solid wood and chrome-plated metal. Tops...

contemporary table / extending / lacquered - STAR

Blade table with two extensions


contemporary table / glass / extending - MONDAY-W by Italo Pertichini

Extensible table in embossed white, black or dark brown lacquered metal. 12 mm...

contemporary table / glass / extending - TRIAN by Buratti & Battiston

Extensible table in whitened oak, wengé stained, tobacco stained or white...

contemporary table / extending - PISA

Pisa dining table
Estendibile dinig...

contemporary table / extending / lacquered - MONZA

Monza dining table
Extendible dining table with...

contemporary table / crystal / extending - RAVENNA

Ravenna Dining Table
Dining table with structure in solid...

contemporary table / extending - GRANDE ARCHE : 5500 by Robby & Francesca Cantarutti

Designed for indoors, but with features that make it ideal for outdoor areas as well, the extendible Grande Arche aluminum table is inspired by the forms and lines of the famous Arche de La Défence, which has...

contemporary table / glass / extending - MANHATTAN

Fixed or extendible table with aluminium track guide mechanism, top in...

contemporary table / extending - Tavolo Pure

Kitchen table with a lacquered metal structure...

contemporary table / extending - Tavolo Roma

Maximum stylistic rigour for this marble table , to create an ambiance of refined elegance. Manufactured...

contemporary table / glass / extending - TEMPLE

Fixed or extendible table with aluminium...

contemporary table / glass / extending - TOKYO by TONIN CASA

Fixed or extendible table with aluminium track guide mechanism, top in tempered...

contemporary table / wood / extending / solid - LILLE

Sizes (cm) Total height: 76
Diameter: 120 + 2*50
Free height table: 73
Maintenance clean...

contemporary table / wood / extending - MAINE

Sizes (cm) Total height: 78
Width: 100
Lenght: 200 + 2*50
Free height table: 67
Maintenance clean...

contemporary table / wood / extending / solid - HELSINKI

Sizes (cm) Total height: 78
Width: 105
Lenght: 210 + 2*53cm
Free height table: 67

contemporary table / wood / extending / solid - E8 LONGUE by Mathias Hahn

With E8 LONGUE, the standard table E8 has been expanded to include an extendable version.
When closed, the extension of the slim table is invisible. In just a few easy steps, the table top can be
extended for two more seats. The table top and extension...

contemporary table / wood / extending - DOMINO ZOOM

DOMINO ZOOM constitutes a pull-out table that takes its formalistic cue from its namesake,...

contemporary table / wood / extending - PJUR by Peter Joebsch

Table functionality in its purest form. The strong corner placed legs allow...

contemporary table / wood / extending - ALFÍN

The Alfín table fits in perfectly with the furniture ranges from our catalogues, which come in different...

contemporary table / wood / extending - SVEVA by Enrico Tonucci

Sveva table expandable in lenght or in width; available in beech, oak or cherry wood stained in sample finishing collection....

contemporary table / wood / extending - TRAPEZIO by Enrico Tonucci

Trapezio table in beech or oak veneered; 2...

contemporary table / wood / extending / solid - MERLINO

The Merlino table represents the union between tradition and functionality. Tradition is represented by numerous...

contemporary table / wood / extending - GATELEG

Gateleg: a table that creates space. With gate-like characteristics....

contemporary table / wood / extending - BIG by Alain Gilles

A game of balances, an optical path that leads from one element to the next, from one colour to the next; the tilt angle of the legs suggests dynamism, the linearity of the table top adds greater visual...

contemporary table / glass / extending - PRORA by Mauro Lipparini

A styling mark of absolute identity and easy to recognise: Prora is an extending table, with legs that recall the shape of a ship's bow.

Prora is a table available both...

contemporary table / extending - KUDO by Mauro Lipparini

A stylish designer table, thanks to the linear geometric shapes and the harmonious material combinations.

The Kudo extending table has an aluminium frame and...

contemporary table / glass / extending - JAMES by Peter Ross

Styling taste founded on the harmonious balance of different materials, with the aim of creating a setting with a bold personality.


contemporary table / extending - CROSS by Dondoli und Pocci

Bold silhouettes mark the domestic setting in a geometrical manner, with a clear definition of space.

Cross is an extending table with anodised...

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