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floor flexible tile / composite - CARACTERE DISTINCTIVE

Your style is... spacious, minimalist, up-to-date interiors and relaxed atmospheres. Choose a tile with...

floor flexible tile / composite - CARACTERE URBAN 3MM

Your style is... design, trendy & modern decoration, loft spirit...You like furnitures with natural, soft...

floor flexible tile / composite - CARACTERE URBAN 2MM

Your style is… Elegance, sobriety, You like soft & natural color and lines furnitures... Go for CARACTERE...

engineered stone tile - ART NATURA

Materials: Flagstone in rebuild...

engineered stone tile - ROMULUS

The ROMULUS tiles with their soft and textured aspect, give the warm and familiar atmosphere we find in country...

floor tile / outdoor / composite - PASEO

Installation is a breeze

paseo terrace...

floor tile / glass / plain - LAS VEGAS

Texture: Brossa | Color: Crystal | Thickness: 36mm (1 1/2")


floor tile / glass / plain - OUTDOOR TOUCH

Beautiful design by a renowned architect. Glass brings light and lightness...

floor flexible tile / leather look - VELEDO

VELEDO is an extraordinary leather floor covering that is elegant and resilient. Its...

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