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    for electric vehicles


ABB’s medium-power DC charging solution
ABB’s medium-power DC charging solution

Terra 184 Z consists of one central power cabinet of 180 kW, serving three very slim 60 kW charging dispensers, perfectly suited for roadside mounting. Terra 184 Z can be applied in public space and unattended operation, supporting the trend of urban e-mobility. It puts public safety first, and features an efficient operation. Moreover, the product design is ideal for roadside parking and charging, as well as for fast charging terminal installations for e-taxi and other (electric) fleets. This solution will be available for the Chinese market.

Main benefits:

3 x 60 kW DC fast charging outlets, supporting GB/T 2015, with 3 slim dispensers and one central power cabinet
Future proof charger connectivity, based on open industry standards, including remote uptime monitoring and assistance, updates and upgrades.
Upgradeable in power level by adding additional dynamic power cabinets.
Main features:

Charging batteries at 200 – 500 VDC (Terra GB 184 Z), or at 200 – 750 VDC (Terra GB 184MV Z).
Robust system, compatible with GB and international standards, featuring multi-level protections to ensure user and public safety.
Tilt and smoke sensors to detect vehicle impact and fire.
A sensor detects whether a charging connector is put back correctly into the connector holder. The connector can also be locked when not used.