security bollard / parking prevention / cast aluminum / removable
014-1 / 014-2 / 014-3 ABES Public Design S.à r.l.



  • Type:

    security, parking prevention

  • Material:

    cast aluminum

  • Features:


  • Other characteristics:

    high, high-resistance, for parking lots


ABES Bollard 014 is a smooth cylindrical bollard made from cast aluminium with a sphere on the top.


Removable with 3p-Technology, comprising a ground shell, a junction piece with integrated breaking point, two clamping cones and a hex head bolt.
Alternative: concrete embedment.

Ground rosette option (000.030)

– Completely covers the ground shell, unauthorised removal is prevented by small hooks.
– Material: Steel ST37, hot-dip galvanised and powder coated in bollard colour.


– Powder coating in standard RAL colours or DB 703.
– Accessories and special requirements such as different colours, red and white paint, reflective film or powder coating of chains, rings, shackles, etc. in the same colour as the bollard are available on request at a surcharge.

The surface is not as smooth as that of a stainless steel tube.

The basic package for ABES Bollard 014 with 3p-Technology contains:

– The bollard, cast aluminium, powder coated in RAL, DB 703 Glimmer grey.
– Measurements (H above the ground x Ø in mm): 850 or 1.000 or 1.300 x 85/98.
– Ground shell 300 mm (000.001), cast iron, galvanised.
– Junction piece (000.008), cast iron, galvanised.
– clamping bolt set, hex head (N1+N2+hex-screw), stainless steel 1.4301 (000.004).

Order Information

Bollard 014-1 (Height 850 mm)
Art. N° 014.020 (3p-Technology)
Art. N° 014.001 (fixed mounting)

Bollard 014-2 (Height 1.000 mm)
Art. N° 014.020.100 (3p-Technology)
Art. N° 014.001.100 (fixed mounting)

Bollard 014-3 (Height 1.300 mm)
Art. N° 014.020.130 (3p-Technology)
Art. N° 014.001.130 (fixed mounting)

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