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Stainless steel countertop / kitchen
4MM ABK InnoVent


  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Location:



These 4mm solid stainless steel worktops are a unique product innovation, which fits perfectly to the current green sustainability and contemporary minimalism themes. There is no other material as extremely thin and practically indestructible as this. Moreover, it is 100% recycable because no additonal construction is glued to it. You can personalize the 4mm solid stainless steel worktop by seamlessly integrating BINGARA or BARONGA sinks and of course individual i-Cooking gas or induction elements. This isn’t merely beautiful, it is practical, easier to clean and the reduction of material waste adds to its sustainable character. In the MALAWA concept, the Aboriginal word for ”flat land”, the 4mm solid stainless steel is conceptual implemented in each element of the kitchen design. Another interesting feature of this material is the availability of very large, seamless dimensions up to 6 metres wide and 2 metres deep.


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