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Road drainage channel / concrete / slot / safety


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The ACO Climate Stilt Tunnel is a tall slotted tunnel unit which matches the height of the ACO Climate Tunnel Entrance.

The ACO Climate Stilt Tunnel can be used in conjunction with the ACO Guide Wall, ACO Climate Tunnel and ACO Climate Tunnel Entrance to form a complete guidance and crossing system.image

The floor of the ACO Climate Stilt Tunnel is the same level as that of the ACO Climate Tunnel Entrance, so can be used to form a continuous slotted tunnel when a Load Class of C 250 is required.

For higher loadings, the Stilt Tunnel is used in the verge with ACO Climate Tunnels in the carriageway, either installed at road surface level for a slotted tunnel, in which case the tunnel floor needs to be ramped at the entrances, or installed below road surface level using solid top units, giving a constant floor level.

In these cases a Stepdown unit bridges the gap between the differing heights of the system components.

The ACO Climate Plate, complete with drain holes, is used to form a floor in the same material as the ACO Climate Tunnel, providing a uniform surface for animals to move along.

No metal reinforcement is used, so animals are not disoriented by distortion of magnetic fields, while the non-absorbent surfaces has minimal thermal conductivity, providing an ideal surface for amphibians to move along.


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