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The ACO Climate Tunnel can be installed flush with or below the road surface. The system allows small animals to cross roads safely between different areas of their natural habitat. The ACO Climate Tunnel is available in slotted and solid top variants.

The ACO Climate Tunnel can be used in conjunction with the ACO Guide Wall, ACO Climate Tunnel Entrance, and ACO Climate Stilt Tunnel to form a complete guidance and crossing system.image

The slotted ACO Climate Tunnel is installed at surface level, reducing crossing distances for small animals and installation costs for contractors. The slots equalise ambient conditions between the tunnel and the open air, maximising light and humidity.

The solid top ACO Climate Tunnel can be installed below surface level (in conjunction with the ACO Climate Stilt Tunnel), or where there is a requirement for a continuous surface.

No metal reinforcement is used, so animals are not disoriented by distortion of magnetic fields, while the non-absorbent surfaces has minimal thermal conductivity, providing an ideal surface for amphibians to move along.

ACO Climate Tunnels are certified to Load Class D 400 BS EN 1433:2002.