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Contemporary pouf / fabric / round / commercial
BEND by Stone Design Studio Actiu


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Bend, designed by the Stone Design studio, has emerged to bring movement and life to contract spaces and offices with their collection of elastic soft seating. It is modular and organic, inspired by meanders along rivers. Just like undulating water that navigates through the terrain, Bend draws spaces by generating different resting areas that adapt to all users and requirements. Thanks to its being integrated into the furniture, it is equipped with all the connectivity functions to meet the new trends.The different depths and forms of their seats are precisely what generates this organic movement that enables Bend to never seem like a linear and uniform piece. The range was designed with a desire for open configuration and an almost infinite capacity to be customised, thus providing the user with simplicity, comfort and varied options for use.The Bend range also enjoys all the necessary elements to fulfil infinite situations: desks with satellite electricity for charging any device; a central desk with a flowerpot, enabling the integration of nature into the collection; backrests with improved comfort or supplementary smaller desks which give the necessary support to be able to leave your phone or eat something.Following on in the same footsteps as Actiu’s earlier soft seating ranges, Bend aims to create different and inspiring spaces where one can conduct informal meetings, have a break or make a phone call, by way of a collection that is directly inspired by the free fluidity and harmony of nature.


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