Electric boiler / fuel oil / multi-fuel / residential


  • Power source:

    electric, fuel oil, multi-fuel

  • Sector:



Accumulation type dual application hot water producer. 120 L corrugated stainless steel tank immersed in the primary circuit
Control panel comprising:
- On/off switch
- summer / winter selector switch
- energy selection thermostat
- mano-thermometer
2.4 kW electrical resistance with indicator light
Projected polyurethane foam insulation
Oil burner (optional)
3 models from 22 to 57 kW
Three high and low temperature central heating connection kits are available as options
Several types of regulation devices are also available as options
The boilers are compatible with central heating and Domestic Hot Water accessories recommended by ACV
3/4" safety unit code 55211400 included

Main characteristics

Input max. (heating) (kW) : 22 / 28
Output power max. (80/60°C) (kW) : 25
Capacity (total) (L) : 184
Peak flow at 40 °C (L/10) : 311
Dim. - Width or Diameter (w/o conn.) (mm) : 590
Dim. - Depth (w/o conn.) (mm) : 700
Dim. - Height (w/o conn.) (mm) : 1505


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