gas boiler / fuel oil / multi-fuel / residential



  • Power source:

    gas, fuel oil, multi-fuel

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Dual application boiler of the indirect accumulation Tank-in-Tank type.
Body completely insulated in rigid polyurethane foam
The multi-energy DELTA PRO S can be delivered with the burner of your choice: the BG 2000-S/25 burner for natural gas and propane, or the BMV1 (FV for Sealed combustion) burner for oil. Also, the DELTA PRO S operates with any type of burner available on the market
25 KW output, Domestic Hot Water production of 268 litres in 10 (Δt 30 °C)
Chimney connection, optional balanced flue upgrade kit
Control panel with on/off switch, adjustable thermostat, thermometer, Summer/Winter switch and pre-cut for ACV control unit (optional)
Several types of controls also available as an option
Boilers compatible with ACV recommended central heating and domestic hot water accessories

Main characteristics

Input max. (heating) (kW) : 28,3
Output power max. (80/60°C) (kW) : 26
Efficiency (max. output) 80/60°C (%) : 91,9
Capacity (total) (L) : 158
Peak flow at 40 °C (L/10) : 268
Dim. - Width or Diameter (w/o conn.) (mm) : 540
Dim. - Depth (w/o conn.) (mm) : 584
Dim. - Height (w/o conn.) (mm) : 1615