security bollard / access control / stainless steel / automatic
SYDNEY Ado urban



  • Type:

    security, access control

  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Features:

    automatic, semi-automatic, hydraulic

  • Other characteristics:

    high-resistance, luminous


•Hydraulic functioning through an integrated activation system, which aims to avoid external circuits and eventual breaks or charge losses.
•Sliding system of the road blocker through internal guides collocated on the proper chassis.
•Stopper made of plasticized iron with a depth of 10 mm without projecting over the carriageway level, carved in shape of anti-sliding rings and internal plastic ring for the right sliding of the road blocker, avoiding noise and frictions.
•Chassis made of highly strong welded steel which provides sliding rails so as to ensure the perfect sliding motion and concentricity of the road blocker.
•Strength (rising) 1.400 N.
•Very silent rising and lowering system.
•Easy installation.
•Good maintenance with little precautions.
•Observing the conditions of the following directives CE:
1.Directive of electromagnetic compatibility 89/336/CEE.
2.Directive of low tension 73/23/CEE.
3.Safety norm for hydraulic transmission systems EN-982.


- Diameter: 220 mm.
- Height: 500 mm.
- Keystone: Stainless Steel AISI 304.
- Keystone Depht: 8 mm.
- Stopper: Iron FE370 + Plasticised.
- Stopper Depth: 10 mm. with Iron Seams.
- Finishing Keystone: Stainless Steel.
- Chassis: Hot dip Galvanized Steel 5 mm.
- Reflective Strip: Level II.
- Driver: Hydraulic double effect.
- Electric Valve: Hydraulic included in the Road Blocker 24V.
- Laser-guided Whisper: Stainless Steel 8 mm. AISI 304.
- Rising/Lowering Time: 3,5 sg. (500 mm.)
- Level of Protection: IP67.
- Resistance to Impact (without deflection) 100.000 J.
- Resistance to Failure 600.000 J.
- Working Temperature -20ºC + 80ºC.
- Wrapper + Retractable Part Hot dip Galvanized Steel.