ceramic cladding / smooth / polished / panel



  • Material:


  • Finish:

    smooth, polished

  • Configuration:


  • Appearance:

    metal look, wood look, stone look

  • Other characteristics:

    durable, custom, multi-color


Which colour would you like?

At AGROB BUCHTAL, those who prefer the soft warmth and subtle elegance of discreet earthy shades find what they are looking for just as well as those who are fond of striking colours, which set visual accents on a simple and unobtrusive facade. This is ensured by our new colour range “SpectraView” developed by the renowned colour designer Peter Zoernack for mono-glazed facade systems. With nine colour families harmoniously matched to each other and six striking contrasting colours, this range perfectly meets the requirements of modern urban development.

The range for creative people

Those who attach particular importance to an individual look will decide in favour of one of the “design” surfaces. This range with its enormous variety of glazes provides new scope for creative designs and also permits the realization of facades conveying the visual impression of wood, metal or natural stone – but offering the advantages of ceramics: they are far more durable and – thanks to the HT coating – clean themselves whenever it is raining.