Air source heat pump / reversible


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    air source

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Ready for use, monobloc heat pumps with integrated hydro kit designed to fit with new heating installation.
Corrosion-proof casing coated with oven-baked epoxy paint.
Compatible with heating floors, radiators or water terminal units.
Hydro kit complete with circulating pump, flow switch, expansion tank, automatic bleed valve, pressure gauge, safety valve, water filling/drain valve and extra electric heating resistances.
Cooling and heating modes : however, units are optimized for heating operation.
Leaving water temperature up to +55 °C in heating mode.
Operation with outdoor temperature down to -15 °C with standard Scroll compressors and to -20 °C with optional high performance ones.
Coaxial heat exchanger to reduce clogging.
Outdoor coil with hydrophilic coated fins to ease condensation water runoff during defrost cycles.
Reversible: Heater mode and cooling mode.
Full of safety functions with the aid of electrical, refrigerant and water components : protection fuses or circuit breaker,
soft starter for single-phase units, phase controller for 3- phase units, power disconnect switch, HP/LP pressostats,
water flow switch and 4 temperature sensors (return water, leaving water, outdoor coil and outdoor air).
Electronic controller ensures comfort and optimum COP with the use of room thermostat and return water temperature control system in relation to outdoor temperature (law of water).


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