above-ground tank / water storage / steel


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    water storage

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The AKVA SOLAR accumulator range is designed to meet the increasingly tightening ecological energy efficiency requirements. The AKVA SOLAR enables utilising your accumulator to all heating, and increases your annual solar gain. The solar energy collected can be utilized as the only heating source or as a useful extra among other heat sources. The AKVA SOLAR model range can be connected to all heating systems – flexibility for you!

With the exception of the smallest model, the accumulators have three coils to which you can connect heat-transfer fluid from the solar collectors, in addition to the preheating and heating of household water. Water inside the accumulator is surrounded by unique, seamless, 100 mm polyurethane insulation that ensures water maintains its target temperature longer. The efficient guide tubes, optimal positioning of the coils and the two-chamber structure guarantee effective heat transfer.

Utilise free solar energy: Akvaterm’s AKVA SOLAR model range offers your heating the best solutions.