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ceiling air diffuser / square



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Spiral air jet diffusion for maximum comfort.
Can replace a standard ceiling tile or be installed in plaster depending on model.
Single model offering a wide airflow range.
Ideal for integration in most commercial decorative themes.
Excellent mixing rate.
Accepts high temperature differentials.
Identical models for air supply and exhaust.
Removable central plate for exhaust version.

Overall dimensions 600 x 600 mm or 675 mm x 675 mm, Tbar or Fine-Line grid systems.
Also available in Tbar 625 mm x 625 mm.
Airflow from 150 to 600 m3/h with sound power level Lw < NR 35.
Heating and air conditioning systems with high mixing rates.
Ideal for variable airflow systems (e.g. ducted convection fan systems).
Version without plenum for return or direct return on Ø 200 connection (exhaust only).
Elliptical flat G2 filter (M1 fire class).