aluminum cladding / textured / panel / vertical



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  • Other characteristics:

    vertical, flexible


Discover our ALINEL Type A series here. The unique vertical symmetrical and block-shaped lines lead to a simple siding with countless innovative applications. The solution is a combination of multiple profiles. They were developed with explicit attention to detail, such as corners and window terminals.

Aluminium is not only light, but also very sustainable. It costs a lot of energy to produce aluminium from bauxite, but once it is made, this material can be recycled infinitely. Our profiles are made up of 95% recycled aluminium. That is how we contribute to a sustainable society.

User-friendliness was a central element in the design. With our software application, you can quickly calculate which profiles you need for your solution. They are tailor-made to the desired surface treatment. Thanks to the patented tooth-hook connection, the whole is scaled to serve the desired profile width. Installation is fast and simple with the use of a rubber claw that not only helps to determine the correct distance between the profiles, but will also hold them in place. That way you only need one person to install the siding.