gas cooktop / with grill / cast iron / stainless steel



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    with grill, cast iron, stainless steel


Gas hobs and electric grill with cast iron pan supports. Burners set well apart for large pans. DUAL triple crown burner at the centre.

Depth 56 cm
Width 41-74-98 cm
Height 11 cm
Height of Grill 11.5 cm
Materials and Characteristics
The pan supports are made of cast iron
The burner, flame divider and Venturi tube, the knobs, the gas distribution tubes, and the casing containing the electrical-gas system are all made of AISI 304 stainless steel with silver satin finish
The triple crown burner has a power rating of 4.5 kW and is ideal for rapid cooking; it guarantees the uniform distribution of heat even for large pots