cover composite panel / metal / for facade cladding



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    for facade cladding


ALUCOBOND® naturAL surfaces amplify the natural beauty
and character of aluminium to enhance the design of your
architectural project. The fi nely textured aluminium surfaces
of the series naturAL PURE scatter light for a close-up visual
effect, while retaining the look and lustre of smooth aluminium
from afar. NaturAL FINESSE is a subtle rapprochement to real
metals without its inconvenients creating a refi ned metallic look.
Both series are the ultimate cladding solution for achieving the
sophisticated tone that your architectural vision demands. Now,
your entrance, columns, and pylons can make a bold statement
– without upsetting your budget!
ALUCOBOND® naturAL offers you the same unequalled material
properties for which all ALUCOBOND® products are known:
extraordinary fl atness and rigidity, excellent formability, low weight
and outstanding weather resistance.
Additionally, the surfaces are easy to clean and care for, unlike
other metal sheets (i. e. solid sheets with a brushed surface
or real metals). In addition their weather resistance and corrosion
behaviour are superior. Both attractive and ingenious,
ALUCOBOND® naturAL is the ideal material to create the difference
for interior and exterior architecture.
Selecting ALUCOBOND® material for projects which require
environmental friendly materials is literally a natural choice.