cover composite panel / aluminum / for facade cladding
ALUCOBOND® spectra & sparkling ALUCOBOND



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    for facade cladding


Throughout history, mankind has had an enduring appreciation of colour. From the discovery of organic purple dyes before 1900 B.C to the development of colour TV and movies after 1900 A.D, the world we live in is saturated in colour. Colour conveys emotion, it inspires and motivates. And now … colour has evolved. ALUCOBOND® spectra & sparkling colours celebrate the natural colour shifts that occur in materials that affect everyday life: The subtle nuances and colour contrasts found readily in nature, the glowing luster and sheen in modern metals and the colour shifts found in today’s luxury goods. Colour adds fascination to the world, ALUCOBOND® spectra & sparkling colours add fascination to architectural design.
ALUCOBOND® spectra colours operate on the same
principals as natural colour shifting surfaces. Depending
upon the pigment type and viewing angle, different
wave lengths of light are reflected back to the audience
resulting in an ever-changing colour gradient with iridescent
highlights. With their bright sparkling and shining
effects, ALUCOBOND® sparkling colours provide a
subtle and elegant impression. With ALUCOBOND®
spectra & sparkling colours, architects can create
a truly memorable experience that will fascinate the
audience and provide a lasting personal impression.
The use of high-quality Fluorocarbon paint systems
applied in a continuous coil-coating process ensures
that the original design isn’t compromised.