glass sliding door system



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The liſt & slide system SUPREME S700 represents the new generation of ALUMIL’s high-end systems. It is an excellent solution for projects with demanding requirements, meeting the trend of “transparent” architecture through extensive glass surfaces, with high thermal insulation, safety and modern design. Its minimal design and its various innovative characteristics, make it the ideal option for projects requiring wide spans for enhanced daylight, outstanding performance and maximum ease of use.

/ Minimal and innovative design with impressive functionality.
/ Interlocking face width only 47 mm for maximum visibility and reinforced profiles for
windows anddoors exceeding 3 m height.
/ Innovative low threshold, with excellent watertightness, for easy access.
/ High energy efficiency with special anti-distortion polyamides, for improved performance when high temperature differences between indoors and outdoors exist.
/ Smart water evacuation system with concealed profiles that guarantees watertightness under any weather condition.
/ A very elegant alternative for automated liſt & slide doors is possible.