Removable partition / aluminum / glazed / professional


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  • Material:

    aluminum, glazed

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SMARTIA P200 is ALUMIL’s top system for interior partitions in minimal lines, ideal for business premises and offices, meeting rooms & banqueting etc. The double glazing panel of 100 mm thickness offers exceptional sound insulation properties (minimum 38 dB). The system gives the option for electrically rotating blinds inside the glass panel and is characterized for the complete solutions it provides.

/ Panel Type
The aluminium framed glass panel may be structural with tape or with silicone, providing an exceptional look of clear lines and glass. Additionally, there is an option of “semi-structural” panels with more visible aluminium. Finally, wooden panels can also be provided.
/ Construction Type
Αpart from a continuous grid, more complex constructions can be made, as for example corner, “T” and cross structures.
/ Door Type
Door panels can be structural on both sides or with glazing bid on one side and structural on the other. Furthermore, a glass or a wooden door can be placed on the aluminium frame.


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