Glass sliding door system


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The absolute sense of freedom

The S650 is the ideal option for extensive openings, offering extremely elegant constructions with high durability and performances. An additional feature of the system is the improvement of human living conditions through the emphasis on the glazing surfaces and the reduction the visible aluminium frame.
As a result of this feature, people feel the interaction with the external environment which increases the sense of freedom.

Product characteristics

• The sash of the system is completely concealed in the frame track which is embodied in the walls and the floor
• The final construction has narrow visible aluminium frame of only 25mm face width at the interlocking point
• The insulated profiles contribute to the improvement of energy performance of the buildings
• Available hardware with motion in two directions (horizontal and vertical) that locks the sash in the frame
• Combination with additional profiles in order to evacuate the water outdoors easily
• The special stainless steel heavy duty rollers and the solid inox rail offer smooth and easy scrolling of the sashes which can be up to 600Kg


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