Wooden window profile / aluminum / thermal break


  • Material:

    wooden, aluminum

  • Technical characteristics:

    thermal break


M23000 and M23300 are Alumil’s exclusive proposals for thermal break aluminium systems emphasizing high thermal and sound insulation as well as high-security standards. The two systems are the result of Alumil's leading design which elegantly combines the top quality of aluminium with the leading aesthetic style of wood.

The connection of aluminium and wood is achieved with special clips which allow air circulation for avoiding corrosion from water condensation. M23000 is considered as a high-level opening security system by using a 13mm PVC groove mechanism with locking bolts securing into chambered baskets. This results to an increased burglary resistance up to 30 minutes and a WK3 certificate from Ift Rosenheim. In addition, a 24mm polyamide is used for an increased thermal insulation of Uf = 2,1 W/m2K.

M23300 is one of Alumil's top solutions for lift and slide window and door systems, ideal for luxurious constructions with large size openings. It also has the ability to support weights up to 250kg, incorporates stainless steel rails for improved performance and supports glazing
up to 46mm.


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