Structural glass curtain wall / aluminum and glass


  • Type:

    structural glass

  • Construction:

    aluminum and glass


M6 is a thermal insulated curtain walls system which is ideal for robust constructions, for large frames’ fabrication and covers all architectural requirements.

Product characteristics

• 55 mm width of mullions and transoms
• Thermal insulation up to Uf=1,5 W/m2*K, making the system ideal for all climate regions
• Big variety of mullions for high wind loads
• A variety of designs for the visible aluminium covers
• Structural glass version without aluminium covers, with the same mullions and transoms
• All kind of opening windows can be added to the curtain wall (parallel projected, top hung, inwards tilt & turn, concealed sash tilt & turn)
• All kind of surfaces can be constructed (inclined, polygonal)
• Combines with all types of doors from the M 11500 system


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