protective barrier / fixed / steel / for public buildings
CB Alvarado



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    for public buildings


Shopping cart stops and fixture case and wall protection
Alvarado offers both fixed and removable floor mounted bumper rail products. Bumper rail products protect store equipment and fixtures from impact damage caused by shopping carts, floor cleaners and stocking equipment. Our floor mounted bumper rail is also used in cart corrals and cart storage areas.
The CB is a floor mounted bumper rail that protects fixtures, cases and walls from impact damage caused by shopping carts, pallet jacks and stocking carts.
The CB’s unique anchoring feet are made from spring steel, which flexes during impacts. The CB is an ideal choice for high impact applications such as cart corrals and cart storage areas. The CB can also be used in warehouse and storage areas to protect walls and equipment from damage during pallet placement and removal.
Individual sections of the CB can be joined together to create seamless
Alvarado floor mounted bumper rails are an inexpensive and highly effective method of preventing damage to walls, cases and other fixtures. Shopping carts, stocking equipment and floor cleaners will damage expensive fixtures, and make store interiors look worn and dated. Installing Alvarado’s protective equipment will save on maintenance and replacement costs and keeps stores looking their best.
Product benefits:
Protects walls, cases and fixtures
Provides a stop for shopping carts in cart storage areas
Seamless runs along walls or long case lengths
Keeps store areas from looking worn and dated